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Maristella Botticini, Director  
Department of Economics, 5-D1-09
Email: maristella.botticini@unibocconi.it

The IGIER staff welcomes you on the 5th floor, sector C1 of the Grafton building in via Roentgen 1. For directions, click here. For the Bocconi Virtual Campus map, click here. Please contact:
Ornella Bissoli for PRIN and SIR grant applications and management, IGIER budget, and to get in touch with IGIER members for public lectures or media events.
Laura Salini for ERC grant applications and management.
Silvia Tesauro for the Visiting Students Initiative, the Visiting Faculty program, the student internships ("stages curriculari"), the IGIER seminar series, the brown bag workshops, and any other conferences or scientific events. 

Ornella Bissoli       Laura Salini       Silvia Tesauro
Office: 5-C1-03       Office: 5-C1-05       Office: 5-C1-06
Phone: ++39-02-5836 3386       Phone: ++39-02-5836 3300       Phone: ++39-02-5836 3301
ornella.bissoli@unibocconi.it       laura.salini@unibocconi.it       igier@unibocconi.it

Mailing Address                           
IGIER, Università Bocconi
Via Roentgen 1, 5th floor
20136 Milano (Italy) 

View of the Grafton building in via Roentgen 1

Last updated April 5, 2017