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Scientific coordinator: Maristella Botticini
Administrative coordinator: Silvia Tesauro

Students are the key asset of a university. IGIER, with its faculty members, aims to contribute to nurture and to enhance this reservoir of talent through its innovative Visiting Students Initiative geared toward DES / ESS and Finance MSc students, who are interested in pursuing a research career (e.g., in universities, ECB, IMF, OECD, World Bank, etc).

The initiative is organized around a few building blocks to endow students with skills that will be helpful in developing successful academic or professional careers in Italy or abroad (click here for a detailed description of the program). Students are expected to actively participate in the center’s activities (e.g., conferences, seminars, etc) and to present a paper in the reading group. Individual mentors chosen among the IGIER scholars will supervise students’ research activities.
Click here to see the Calendar for all IGIER Visiting Students' activities.

We are delighted to present the 20 IGIER Visiting Students for the academic year 2014-2015, who in September will be enrolled in the second year of the DES / ESS program (there will be another call for candidates in January 2015 for first-year DES / ESS students):
Student Mentor
Anna Airoldi Chiara Fumagalli
Francesco Arcaleni Carlo Favero
Riccardo Bianchi Vimercati Nicola Gennaioli
Sergio Cappellini Nicola Pavoni
Luisa Cefala Antonella Trigari
Igor Cerasa Eliana La Ferrara
Enrico De Magistris Simone Cerreia-Vioglio
Kathrin Eichinger Martin Dufwenberg
Matteo Roberto Greco Marco Ottaviani
Clémence Idoux Guido Tabellini
Giorgio Incani Luca Sala
Andrea Manera Tommaso Monacelli
Armando Miano Francesco Giavazzi
Leonardo Nini Pierpaolo Battigalli
Marco Stenborg Petterson Massimo Marinacci
Christoph Schilling Fernando Vega-Redondo
Andrea Wollisch Valentino Larcinese
Andrea Mattia Zamuner Pierpaolo Battigalli
Valeria Zurla Fabiano Schivardi
















Last updated February 18, 2015