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Forthcoming Articles  of IGIER Scholars

Pierpaolo Battigalli  (with G. Attanasi, E. Manzoni, and R. Nagel), "Belief-Dependent Preferences and Reputation: Experimental Analysis of a Repeated Trust Game", Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Pierpaolo Battigalli (with R. Corrao, and M. Dufwenberg), "Incorporating Belief-Dependent Motivation in Games", Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Pierpaolo Battigalli  (with P. Tebaldi), "Interactive Epistemology in Simple Dynamic Games with a Continuum of Strategies", Economic Theory (2018, online) 

Michele Tito Boeri (with M. De Philippis, E. Patacchini and M. Pellizzari), "Moving to Segregation: Housing of Immigrants and Hiring Networks in 7 Italian cities", Economic Journal

Valentina Bosetti (with E. Weber, L. Berger, D. Budescu, N. Liu, M. Tavoni), "COP21 Climate Negotiators’ Responses to Climate Model Forecasts, Nature Climate Change" (2017)

Valentina Bosetti (with Ajay Gambhir, Laurent Drouet , David McCollum, Tamaryn Napp, Dan Bernie, Adam Hawkes , Oliver Fricko, Petr Havlik, Keywan Riahi and Jason Lowe), "Assessing the Feasibility of Global Long-Term Temperature Change  Mitigation Scenarios, Energies" (2016)

Valentina Bosetti (with Verdolini E.), "Environmental Policy and the International Diffusion of Cleaner Technologies for Power, Environmental and Resource Economics" 2016

Alfredo Di Tillio (with Yi-Chun Chen, Eduardo Faingold, and Siyang Xiong), "Characterizing the Strategic Impact of Misspecified Beliefs", (Supplemental Appendix), The Review of Economic Studies

Carlo Ambrogio Favero (with Arie Gozluklu and Haoxi Yang), "Demographics and the Behaviour of Interest Rates", IMF Economic Review

Satoshi Fukuda, "Epistemic foundations for set-algebraic representations of knowledge", Journal of  Mathematical Economics (2019) 

Satoshi Fukuda (with Vinicius Carrasco and William Fuchs), "From Equals to Despots: the Dynamics of Repeated Decision Making in Partnerships with Private Information ", Journal of Economic Theory (2019)

Eliana La Ferrara (with Stefano della Vigna ), "Social and Economic Impacts of the Media", in S. Anderson, D. Stromberg and J. Walfogel (eds.), Handbook of Media Economics, Elsevier

Tommaso Monacelli (with S. Fahr, R. Motto, M. Rostagno, F. Smets, and O.Tristani), "Discussion of A Monetary Policy Strategy in Good and Bad Times", Economic Policy

Luca Sala (with Mario Forni, Luca Gambetti and Marco Lippi), "Noisy News in Business Cycles", American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

Hannes Wagner (with Alexander Dyck, Karl Lins, Lukas Roth), "Do Institutional Investors Drive Corporate Social Responsibility? International Evidence", Journal of Financial Economics

Hannes Wagner, Viktar Fedaseyeu (with James Linck), "Do Qualifications Matter? New Evidence on Board Functions and Director Compensation", Journal of Corporate Finance

Last updated August 30, 2019