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2004 Articles of IGIER Scholars

Alberto Alesina (with Reza Baqir and Caroline Hoxby), "Political Jurisdictions in Heterogeneous Communities," Journal of Political Economy, April 2004, 112: 348-96

Alberto Alesina (with Philippe Aghion and Francesco Trebbi), "Endogenous Political Institutions," Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 2004, 119: 565-612

Alberto Alesina (with Rafael Di Tella and Robert McCulloch), "Inequality and Happiness: Are Americans and Europeans Different?", Journal of Public Economics, August 2004, 88: 2009-42

Francesco Billari (with L.Mencarini), "Gender Composition of Friendship Networks and Age at First Intercourse: a Life-Course Data Analysis", Statistical Methods and Applications (2004), vol. 12(3), pp. 377-390
Francesco Billari, "Multilevel Analysis of Internal Migration in a Transitional Country: The Case of Estonia", Regional Studies (2004), vol. 38(6), pp. 679-696
Francesco Billari (with H.P. Kohler), "Patterns of Low and Lowest-Low Fertility in Europe", Population Studies (2004), vol. 58(2), pp.161-176
Francesco Daveri (with O. Silva) "Not Only Nokia", Economic Policy (2004), vol. 19(38), pp.117-163  
Francesco Daveri, "Delayed IT Usage: Is it Really the Drag on European Productivity?", CESifo Studies (2004), vol. 50(3), pp.397-421
Francesco Daveri, "The New Economy in Europe, 1992-2001", Oxford Review of Economic Policy (2004), vol. 18(3), pages 345-362
Alfredo Di Tillio, "A Note on One-Shot Public Mediated Talk", Games and Economic Behavior (2004), 46, pp.425-433
Carlo A.  Favero, "Comments on 'Fiscal and Monetary Policy Interactions: Empirical Evidence on Optimal Policy Using a Structural New-Keynesian Model'", Journal of Macroeconomics (2004), vol. 26(2), pp.281-285 
Vincenzo  Galasso (with A. Brugiavini), "The Social Security Reform Process in Italy: Where Do We Stand?”, Journal of Pension Economics and Finance (2004), vol. 3(02), pp.1 - 31 
Vincenzo Galasso (with J. I. Conde Ruiz), "The Macroeconomics of Early Retirement", Journal of Public Economics (2004), vol.88(9-10), pp.1849-1869 
Vincenzo Galasso (with P. Profeta), "Lessons for an Ageing Society: the Political Sustainability of Social Security Systems", Economic Policy (2004), vol. 19(38), pp.63-115 
Pietro Garibaldi, "Search Unemployment with Advance Notice", Macroeconomic Dynamics (2004), vol. 8(1), pp. 51-75
Pietro Garibaldi (with E. Wasmer), "Raising Female Employment: Reflections and Policy Tools", Journal of the European Economic Association (2004), vol. 2(2-3), pp.320-330 
Eliana La Ferrara (with A. Alesina), "Preferences for Redistribution in the Land of Opportunities", Journal of Public Economics (2004), vol. 89(5-6), pp.1-35 
Fabio  Maccheroni, "Yaari's Dual Theory without the Completeness Axiom", Economic Theory (2004), vol. 23(3), pp.701-714 
Fabio Maccheroni (with E. Castagnoli and M. Marinacci), "Choquet Insurance Pricing: a Caveat", Mathematical Finance (2004), vol. 14(3), pp. 481-85 
Fabio Maccheroni (with P. Ghirardato and J-M. Tallon), "Differentiating Ambiguity and Ambiguity Attitude", Journal of Economic Theory (2004), vol. 118(2), pp.133-173 
Fabio Maccheroni (with I. Dubra and E. Ok), "Expected Utility Theory without the Completeness Axiom", Journal of Economic Theory (2004), vol. 115(1), pp. 118-133
Fabio Maccheroni (with P. Ghirardato and M. Marinacci), "Differentiating Ambiguity and Ambiguity Attitude", Journal of Economic Theory (2004), vol. 118(2), pp.133-173 
Marco Maffezzoli (with A.Cunat), "Heckscher-Ohlin Business Cycles", Review of Economics Dynamics (2004), vol. 7(3), pp.555-585 
Marco Maffezzoli (with A.Cunat), "Neoclassical Growth and Commodity Trade", Review of Economic Dynamcis (2004), vol. 7(3), pp.707-736 
Paolo Manasse (with L.Stanca and A.Turrini), "Wage Premia and Skill Upgrading in Italy: Why Didn't the Hound Bark?", Labour Economics (2004), vol. 11(1), pp.59-83
Massimiliano Marcellino (with M. Artis and T. Proietti), "Dating the Euro area Business Cycle", Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics (2004), vol. 66(4), pp.537-565 
Massimiliano Marcellino, "Forecasting Pooling for Short Time Series of Macroeconomic Variables", Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics (2004), vol. 66(4), pp.91-112 
Massimiliano Marcellino, "Forecasting EMU Macroeconomic Variables", International Journal of Forecasting (2004), vol. 20, pp.359- 372
Massimiliano Marcellino (with O. Jorda), "Stochastic Processes Subject to Time-Scale Transformations”, Journal of Time Series Analysis (2004), vol. 25, pp.873-894 
Massimiliano Marcellino (with A. Banerjee and C. Osbat), "Some Cautions on the Use of Panel Methods for Integrated Series of Macro-Economic Data", Econometrics Journal (2004), vol. 7(2), pp.322-340 
Massimo Marinacci (with L. Montrucchio), "A Characterization of the Core of Convex Games through Gateaux Derivatives", Journal of Economic Theory (2004), 116, pp.229-248
Matthias Messner (with M. Polborn), "Paying Politicians”, Journal of Public Economics (2004), vol. 88(12), pp.2423-2445  
Matthias Messner (with M. Polborn), "Voting on Majority Rules", Review of Economic Studies (2004), vol. 71(1), pp.115-132  
Tommaso Monacelli, "Into the Mussa Puzzle: Monetary Policy Regimes and the Real Exchange Rate in a Small Open Economy", Journal of International Economics (2004), vol.62(1), pp.191-217
Enrico Pennings (with A. Mukherjee), "Imitation, Patent Protection and Welfare", Oxford Economic Papers (2004), vol. 56(4), pp. 715-733
Enrico Pennings, "Optimal Pricing and Quality Choice When Investment in Quality Is Irreversible", Journal of Industrial Economics, vol. 2(4),  pp. 569
Roberto Perotti (with A. Alesina), "The European Union: A Politically Incorrect View", Journal of Economic Perspectives (2004), vol. 18(4), pp. 27-48 
Guido Tabellini, (with T. Persson), "Constitutions and Economic Policy", Journal of Economic Perspectives (2004), vol. 18(1), pp.75-98 
Guido Tabellini (with T. Persson), "Constitutional Rules and Policy Outcomes", American Economic Review (2004), vol. 94(1), pp.25-45
Helder Vasconcelos, "Entry Effects on Cartel Stability and the Joint Executive Committee", Review of Industrial Organization (2004), vol. 24(3), pp.219-241

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