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2003 Articles of IGIER Scholars

Alberto Alesina, "The Size of Countries: Does It Matter?" Journal of the European Economic Association, Schumpeter Lecture, June 2003, 301-16

Alberto Alesina (with Arnaud Devleeschauwer, William Easterly, Sergio Kurlat and Romain Wacziarg), "Fractionalization," Journal of Economic Growth, June 2003, 8:155-94

Pierpaolo Battigalli (with M. Siniscalchi), "Rationalizable Bidding in First Price Auctions", Games and Economic Behavior (2003), vol. 45(1), pp. 38-72
Pierpaolo Battigalli (with M. Siniscalchi), "Rationalization and Incomplete Information", Advances in Theoretical Economics (2003), vol. 3(1), Article 3
Pierpaolo Battigalli, "Rationalizability in Infinite, Dynamic Games of Incomplete Information", Research in Economics (2003), vol. 57(1), pp.1-38 
Francesco Billari (with P. Baizán and A. Aassve), “Cohabitation, Marriage, First Birth. The Interrelationship of Family Formation Events in Spain”, European Journal of Population (2003), vol. 19(2), pp. 147-169
Laura Bottazzi (with G. Peri), "Innovation and Spillovers in Regions: Evidence from European Patent Data", European Economic Review (2003), vol. 47(4), pp.687-710

Maristella Botticini (with Aloysius Siow), “Why Dowries?” American Economic Review 93, no. 4 (September 2003): 1385-98

Paolo Epifani, “Trade Liberalization, Firm Performance and Labor Market Outcomes in the Developing World: What Can We Learn from Micro-Level Data?” (2003), Rivista Italiana degli Economisti VIII, n. 3, pp. 113-144.
Carlo A. Favero (with L.Codogno and A.Missale), "Yield Spreads on EMU Government Bonds", Economic Policy (2003), vol. 18(37), pp.503-532
Carlo A. Favero (with R. Rovelli), "Macroeconomic Stability and the Preferences of the Fed. A formal Analysis", Journal of Money Credit and Banking (2003), vol. 35(4), pp.545-556

Chiara Fumagalli, "On the welfare effects of competition for foreign direct investments", European Economic Review, 47(6), 963-983, 2003
Vincenzo Galasso, "Redistribution and Fairness: A Note", European Journal of Politcal Economy (2003), vol. 19(4), pp.885-892
Vincenzo Galasso (with J. I. Conde Ruiz), "Early Retirement", Review of Economic Dynamics (2003), vol. 6(1), pp.12-36
Francesco Giavazzi, “Inflation Targeting and the Fiscal Policy Regime: the Experience in Brazil”, Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin (2003), pp.334-342
Francesco Giavazzi (with O. Blanchard), “Macroeconomic Effects of Regulation and Deregulation in Goods and Labor Markets“, Quarterly Journal of Economics (2003), vol. 474(3), pp.879-907
Eliana La Ferrara, "Kin Groups and Reciprocity: A Model of Credit Transactions in Ghana", American Economic Review (2003), vol. 93(5), pp.1730-1751
Fabio Maccheroni (with E. Diecidue), "Coherence without Additivity", Journal of Mathematical Psychology (2003), vol. 47(2), pp.166-170
Fabio Maccheroni (with M. Marinacci), "How to Cut a Pizza Fairly: Fair Division with Decreasing Marginal Evaluations", Social Choice and Welfare (2003), vol. 20(3), pp.457-465
Fabio Maccheroni (with P. Ghirardato, M. Marinacci, and M. Siniscalchi), "A Subjective Spin on Roulette Wheels", Econometrica (2003), vol. 71(6), pp. 1897-1908
Massimiliano Marcellino (with J. Stock and M. Watson), “Macroeconomic Forecasting in the Euro Area: Country Specific versus Euro Wide Information", European Economic Review (2003), vol. 47(1), pp.1-18
Massimiliano Marcellino (with O.Jorda), "Modelling High-Frequency Foreign Exchange Data Dynamics", Macroeconomic Dynamics (2003), vol. 7(4), pp.618-635 
Massimo Marinacci (with L. Montrucchio), "Subcalculus for Set Functions and Cores of TU Games", Journal of Mathematical Economics (2003), 39, 1-25
Matthias Messner (with M. Polborn), "Cooperation in Stochastic OLG Games", Journal of Economic Theory (2003), vol. 108(1), pp. 152-168
Enrico Pennings (with O. Lint), "The V-Shaped Value Evolution of R&D Projects", Applied Economics Letters (2003), vol. 10, pp.27-32
Roberto Perotti (with P.Lane), "The Importance of Composition of Fiscal Policy: Evidence from Exchange Rate Regimes", Journal of Public Economics (2003), vol. 87(9-10), pp.2253-2279 
Roberto Perotti (with J. Gali), "Fiscal Policy and Monetary Integration in Europe", Economic Policy (2003), vol. 18(37), pp.533-572 
Michele Polo (with A. Ichino and E. Rettore), "Are Judges Biased by Labor Market Conditions?", European Economic Review (2003), vol. 47(5), pp.913-944
Michele Polo (with M. Motta), "Leniency Programs and Cartel Prosecution", International Journal of Industrial Organization (2003), vol. 21(3), pp.347-380
Luca Sala, "La trasmissione della politica monetaria nell'unione monetaria europea: un'analisi fattoriale", SIE prize for Doctorate Thesis in Economics, Rivista Italiana degli Economisti (2003), pp. 173-177 
Guido Tabellini (with T. Persson and F. Trebbi), "Electoral Rules and Corruption", Journal of the European Economic Association (2003), vol. 1(4), pp.958-989

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