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2002 Articles of IGIER Scholars

Alberto Alesina (with Robert Barro and Silvana Tenreyro),"Optimal Currency Areas," NBER Macroeconomic Annual, 2002, 301-55

Alberto Alesina (with Beatrice Weder), "Do Corrupt Governments Receive Less Foreign Aid?" American Economic Review, September 2002, 92: 1126-37

Alberto Alesina (with Robert Barro), "Currency Unions," Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 2002, 117: 409-30

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Pierpaolo Battigalli (with M. Siniscalchi), “Strong Belief and Forward Induction Reasoning", Journal of Economic Theory (2002), vol. 106(2), pp.356-391
Francesco Billari (HP. Kohler and J. Ortega), "The Emergence of Lowest-Low Fertility in Europe During the 1990s", Population and Development Review (2002), vol. 28(4), pp.641-680 
Francesco Billari (with B. Borgoni), "Spatial Profiles in the Analysis of Event Histories. An Application to First Sexual Intercourse in Italy", International Journal of Population Geography (2002), vol. 8(4), pp.261-275 
Francesco Billari (with A. Aassve, S. Mazzuco, F. Ongaro), “Leaving Home: A Comparative Analysis of ECHP Data”, Journal of European Social Policy (2002), vol. 12(4), pp.259-276 
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Tito Boeri (with A. Borsch-Supan and G. Tabellini), "Pension Reforms and the Opinions of European Citizens", American Economic Review (2002), vol. 92(2), pp.396-401
Tito Boeri (with J. Oliveira-Martins), "Varieties, Jobs and EU Enlargement", Rivista di Politica Economica, No. I-II (also published in french on Economie&Prevision, No.152-3) (2002), pp.139-177 
Tito Boeri (with K. Terrel), "Institutional Determinants of Labour Reallocation in Transition", Journal of Economic Perspectives (2002), Vol. 16(1), pp. 51-76
Maristella Botticini (with Daniel A. Ackerberg), “Endogenous Matching and the Empirical Determinants of Contract Form.” Journal of Political Economy 110, no. 3 (June 2002): 564-92
Marco Da Rin (with L. Bottazzi), "Venture Capital in Europe and the Financing of Innovative Firms", Economic Policy (2002), vol. 17(34), pp.229-69 
Marco Da Rin (with T. Hellman), "Banks as Catalysts for Industrialization", Journal of Financial Intermediation (2002), Winner of the 2002 Journal of Financial Intermediation Best Paper Prize, vol. 11(4), pp.366-397
Carlo A. Favero (with F. Giavazzi), "Is the International Propagation of Financial Shocks Non-Linear?: Evidence from the ERM Crisis", Journal of International Economics (2002), vol. 57(1), pp.231-246
Vincenzo Galasso, "Social Security: A Financial Appraisal for the Median Voter", Social Security Bulletin (2002), vol. 64(2), pp.57-65  
Vincenzo Galasso, "Assessing the Political Sustainability of Parametric Social Security Reforms: The Case of Italy", Giornale degli Economisti (2002), vol. 61(2), pp.171-213  
Vincenzo Galasso (with C. Azariadis),  "Fiscal Constitutions", Journal of Economic Theory (2002), vol. 103(2), pp. 255-281
Vincenzo Galasso (with P.Profeta), "The Political Economy of Social Security: A Survey", European Journal of Political Economy (2002), vol. 18(1), pp. 1-29  
Pietro Garibaldi (with P. Mauro), "The Anatomy of Employment Growth", Economic Policy (2002), vol. 17(34), pp.68-113 
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Francesco Giavazzi (with A. Missale and P. Benigno), “How Is the Debt Managed? Learning from Fiscal Stabilizations”, Scandinavian Journal of Economics (2002), vol. 104(3), pp.443-469
Francesco Giavazzi (with C. Favero), “Is the International Propagation of Financial Shocks Non-Linear?: Evidence from the ERM Crisis”, Journal of International Economics (2002), vol. 57(1), pp.231-46
Eliana  La Ferrara, “Self-Help Groups and Income Generation in the Informal Settlements of Nairobi", Journal of African Economies (2002), vol. 11(1), pp.61-89
Eliana La Ferrara, "Inequality and Group Participation: Theory and Evidence from Rural Tanzania", Journal of Public Economics (2002), vol. 85(2), pp.235-273 
Eliana La Ferrara (with A. Alesina), "Who Trusts Others?", Journal of Public Economics (2002), vol. 85(2), pp.207-234
Fabio Maccheroni, "Maxmin under Risk", Economic Theory (2002), vol. 19(4), pp.823-831 
Fabio Maccheroni (with E. Castagnoli and M. Marinacci), "Insurance Premia Consistent with the Market", Insurance: Mathematics and Economics (2002), vol. 31(2), pp.267-284
Paolo Manasse (with L. Bottazzi), "Credibility and Seignorage in A Common Currency Area", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (2002), vol.34(4), pp.1034-1046 
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Massimiliano Marcellino (with M. Salmon), "Robust decision theory and the Lucas critique", Macroeconomic Dynamics (2002), vol. 6(1), pp.167-185

Massimo Marinacci, "Probabilistic Sophistication and Multiple Priors", Econometrica (2002), 70, pp.755-764
Massimo Marinacci (with P. Ghirardato), Ambiguity Made Precise: A Comparative Foundation, Journal of Economic Theory (2002), 102, pp.251-289
Roberto Perotti (with O. Blanchard), "An Empirical Investigation of the Dynamic Effects of Shocks to Government Spending and Taxes on Output", Quarterly Journal of Economics (2002), vol. 471(4), pp.1329-1368
Roberto Perotti (with Y. Kontopoulos), "Fragmented Fiscal Policy", Journal of Public Economics (2002), vol. 82(2), pp.191-222 
Roberto Perotti (with A. Alesina, S. Ardagna, and F. Schiantarelli), "Fiscal Policy, Profits, and Investment", American Economic Review (2002), vol. 92(3), pp. 571-589
Ulf  Soderstrom, "Monetary Policy with Uncertain Parameters", Scandinavian Journal of Economics (2002), vol. 104(1), pp. 125-145
Guido Tabellini (with T. Boeri and A. Boersch-Supan), "Pension Reforms and the Opinions of European Citizens", American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings (2002), vol. 92(2), pp.396-401 

Guido Tabellini (with T. Persson), "Do Constitutions Cause Large Governments? Quasi-Experimental Evidence", European Economic Review Papers and Proceedings (2002), vol. 46(4-5), pp.908-918

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