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2000 Articles of IGIER Scholars

Alberto Alesina (with Enrico Spolaore and Romain Wacziarg), "Economic Integration and Political Disintegration," American Economic Review, December 2000, 90: 1276-96, reprinted in R. Pornfret (2004), Economic Analysis of Regional Trading Agreements, Edward Elgar, UK.

Alberto Alesina (with Reza Baqir and William Easterly), "Redistributive Public Employment," Journal of Urban Economics, September 2000, 48: 219-41

Alberto Alesina, "The Political Economy of the Budget Surplus in the US," Journal of Economic Perspectives, Summer 2000, 14: 3-19

Alberto Alesina (with David Dollar), "Who gives Foreign Aid to Whom and Why?", Journal of Economic Growth, March 2000, 5: 33-64

Alberto Alesina (with Howard Rosenthal),"Polarized Platforms and Moderate Policies with Checks and Balances," Journal of Public Economics, January 2000, 75:1-20

Francesco Billari (with P.Manfredi and A.Valentini), "Macro-Demographic Effects of the Transition to Adulthood: Multistate Stable Population Theory and an Application to Italy", Mathematical Population Studies (2000),vol. 9(1), pp.33-63 
Francesco Billari, "Searching for Mates Using Fast and Frugal Heuristics: A Demographic Perspective", Applications of Simulation to Social Sciences (2000), vol. 3(1-4), pp.53-65 
Tito Boeri (with G. Bertola and S. Cazes), "Employment Protection in Industrialized Countries: the Case for New Indicators", International Labour Review (2000), vol.139(1), pp.57-72

Maristella Botticini (with Daniel A. Ackerberg),"The Choice of Agrarian Contracts in Early Renaissance Tuscany: Risk Sharing, Moral Hazard, or Capital Market Imperfections?" Explorations in Economic History 37 (July 2000): 241-57

Maristella Botticini, "A Tale of 'Benevolent' Governments: Private Credit Markets, Public Finance, and the Role of Jewish Lenders in Medieval and Renaissance Italy." Journal of Economic History 60 (March 2000): 164-89.
Francesco Daveri (with G.Tabellini), "Unemployment, Growth and Taxation in Industrial Countries", Economic Policy (2000), vol. 15(30), pp.47-101

Paolo Epifani (with Andrea Brasili and Rodolfo Helg), “On the Dynamics of Trade Patterns” (2000), De Economist, 148(2), pp. 233-258.
Carlo A. Favero (with F. Giavazzi, F. Iacone and G. Tabellini), "Extracting Information from Asset Prices:the Methodology of EMU Calculators", European Economic Review (2000), vol. 44(9), pp.1607-1632 

Vincenzo Galasso (with C. Azariadis), "Reply to Kolmer’s Comments on Constitutional “Rules” and Intergenerational Fiscal Policy”, Constitutional Political Economy,11(4), 2000
Pietro Garibaldi, "Job Flows and Plant Size Dynamics: Traditional Measures and Alternative Econometric Techniques", Labour (2000), vol. 14(2), pp.185-212
Francesco Giavazzi (with T. Jappelli and M. Pagano), "Searching for Non-Linear Effects of Fiscal Policy: Evidence from Industrial and Developing Countries", European Economic Review (2000), vol. 44(7), pp.1259-1289
Francesco Giavazzi (with C. Favero, F. Iacone and G. Tabellini), "Extracting Information from Asset Prices: the Methodology of EMU Calculators", European Economic Review (2000), vol. 44(9), pp.1607-32
Eliana La Ferrara (with A. Alesina), "Participation in Heterogeneous Communities", The Quarterly Journal of Economics (2000), vol. 115(3), pp.847-904
Eliana La Ferrara (with F. Bonaglia and M. Marcellino), "Public Capital and Economic Performance: Evidence from Italy", Giornale degli Economisti e Annali di Economia (2000), vol. 60(2), pp.221-44 
Fabio Maccheroni (with E. Castagnoli), "Restricting Independence to Convex Cones", Journal of Mathematical Economics (2000), vol. 34(2), pp.215-234
Marco Maffezzoli, "Human Capital and International Real Business Cycles", Review of Economic Dynamics (2000), vol. 3(1), pp.137-165 
Massimiliano Marcellino, "Forecast Bias and MSFE encompassing", Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics (2000), vol. 62(4), pp.533-542 
Massimiliano Marcellino (with G. Mizon), "Modelling Shifts in the Wage-Price and Unemployment Inflation Relationships in Italy, Poland and the UK", Economic Modeling (2000), vol. 17(3), pp.387-413 
Massimiliano Marcellino, "Linear Aggregation with Common Trends and Cycles", Research in Economics (2000), vol. 54(2), pp.117-131
Massimo Marinacci, "Ambiguous Games", Games and Economic Behavior (2000), 31, pp.191-219
Massimo Marinacci (with P. Ghirardato), "The Impossibility of Compromise: Some Uniqueness Properties of Expected Utility Preferences", Economic Theory (2000), 16, pp.245-258
Marco Ottaviani (with P. Sørensen), "Herd Behavior and Investment: Comment", American Economic Review (2000), 99, pp.695-704
Roberto Perotti, "Fiscal Policy in Good Times and Bad", Quarterly Journal of Economics (2000), vol. 459(4), pp.1399-1436 
Michele Polo (with P.Tedeschi), "Delegation Games and Side Contracting", Research in Economics (2000), vol. 54(1), pp.101-116 
Guido Tabellini, "A Positive Theory of Social Security", Scandinavian Journal of Economics (2000), vol. 102(3), pp.523-545
Guido Tabellini (with C. Favero, F. Giavazzi and F. Iacone), "Extracting Information from Asset prices: the Methodology of EMU Calculators", European Economic Review (2000), vol. 44(9), pp.1607-1632
Guido Tabellini (with F. Daveri), "Unemployment, Growth and Taxation in Industrial Countries", Economic Policy (2000), vol. 15(30), pp.47-104
Guido Tabellini (with T. Persson and G. Roland), "Comparative Politics and Public Finance", Journal of Political Economy (2000), vol. 108(5), pp.1121-1161

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