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1999 Articles of IGIER Scholars

Pierpaolo Battigalli (with M. Siniscalchi), "Hierarchies of Conditional Beliefs and Interactive Epistemology in Dynamic Games", Journal of Economic Theory (1999), vol. 88(1), pp.188-230
Pierpaolo Battigalli (with M. Siniscalchi), "Interactive Beliefs, Epistemic Independence and Strong Rationalizability", Research in Economics (1999), vol. 53(3), pp.247-273 
Pierpaolo Battigalli (G. Bonanno), "Recent Results on Belief, Knowledge and the Epistemic Foundations of Game Theory", Research in Economics (1999), vol. 53(2), pp.149-225  
Pierpaolo Battigalli (G. Bonanno), "Synchronic Information and Common Knowledge in Extensive Games", Research in Economics (1999), vol. 53(1), pp.77-99 
Tito Boeri, "Enforcement of Employment Security Regulations, On-the-job Search and Unemployment Duration", European Economic Review (1999), vol. 43(1), pp.65-89
Tito Boeri (with C. Flinn), "Returns to Mobility in the Transition to a Market Economy", Journal of Comparative Economics (1999), vol. 27(1), pp.4-32

Maristella Botticini, “A Loveless Economy? Intergenerational Altruism and the Marriage Market in a Tuscan Town, 1415-1436.” Journal of Economic History 59 (March 1999): 104-21
Francesco Daveri (with R.Faini), "Where Do Migrants Go?", Oxford Economic Papers (1999), vol.51(4), pp.595-622
Carlo A. Favero (with F. Spinelli), "Deficits, Money Growth and Inflation in Italy: 1875-1994", Economic Notes (1999),vol. 28(1), pp.43-71 
Carlo A. Favero, "Financial Markets´ Assessment of EMU. A Comment", Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy (1999), vol. 51, pp.271-280
Carlo A. Favero (with F.C. Bagliano), "Information from Financial Markets and VAR Measures of Monetary Policy", European Economic Review (1999), vol. 43(4-6), pp.825-837

Vincenzo Galasso, “The U.S. Social Security System: What Does PoliticalSustainability Imply?”, Review of Economic Dynamics 2, 1999, pp.698-730.
Massimiliano Marcellino, "Some Consequences of Temporal Aggregation for Empirical Analysis", Journal of Business and Economic Statistics (1999), vol. 17(1), pp.129-136
Massimiliano Marcellino (with G. Gallo), "Ex Post and Ex Ante Analysis of Provisional Data", Journal of Forecasting (1999), vol. 18(6), pp. 421-433 
Massimo Marinacci, "Limit Laws for Non-Additive Probabilities and Their Frequentist Interpretation", Journal of Economic Theory (1999), 84, pp.145-195
Guido Tabellini (with R. Staiger), "Do Gatt Rules Help Governments Make Domestic Commitments? Does Commitment Matter in Trade Policy?", Economics and Politics (1999), vol. 11(2), pp.109-144
Guido Tabellini (with T. Persson), "The Size and Scope of Government: Comparative Politics with Rational Politicians – Marshall Lecture at EEA Congress", European Economic Review (1999), vol. 43(4-6), pp.699-735

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