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All Seminars are held in ROOM 32, Third Floor
via Sarfatti, 25 at 12.45 unless otherwise indicated


Tuesday, January 11          Micro
Andrea Ichino (EUI)
"Trust and Trustworthiness among Europeans: South-North Comparison" joint with Fabian Bornhorst, Karl Schlag and Eyal Winter

Tuesday, January 18     Econometrics
Alejandro Cu�at (University of Essex and LSE)
"Labor Market Flexibility and Comparative Advantage"

Job Market Seminars


Job Market Seminars


Job Market Seminars

Tuesday, March 1st       Econometrics
Marco Del Negro (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
"On the Fit and Forecasting Performance of New Keynesian Models" joint with Frank Schorfheide (University of Pennsylvania), Frank Smets (European Central Bank and CEPR) and Raf Wouters (National Bank of Belgium) 

Wednesday, March 2     Micro          OCCASIONAL
Oriana Bandiera (LSE)   Paper not available on-line
"Managerial Incentives in Hierarchies: Evidence from a Firm Level Experiment"
joint with Iwan Barankay (Essex) and Imran Rasul (University of Chicago and CEPR)

Tuesday, March 8         Micro and Econometrics
Alfonso Rosolia (Banca d'Italia)
"People I know: social networks and job search outcomes" joint with F. Cingano (Banca d'Italia)

Tuesday, March 15       Econometrics
Elena Pesavento (Emory University)
"The Decline in US Output Volatility: Inventory Investment and Systematic Monetary Policy" joint with Ana Herrera (Michigan State University)

Wednesday, March 16   Micro
Heski Bar-Isaac (Stern Business School)
"Teaching to the top and searching for superstars" joint with (Juanjo Ganuza)


Tuesday, April 5          Econometrics
Guenter Coenen (European Central Bank)
"Identifying the Influences of Nominal and Real Rigidities in Aggregate Price-Setting"

Monday, April 11         Econometrics
Adrian Pagan (Australian National University)
"Making a Match: Combining Theory and Evidence in Policy-Oriented Macroeconomic Modeling" joint with G.Kapetanios and A.Scott

Tuesday, April 12        Micro
Tore Ellingsen (Stockholm School of Economics)
"Generosity" joint with M. Johannesson

Tuesday, April 19
Luca Sala (IGIER, Universit� Bocconi)
"The Kydland and Prescott Legacy"

Tuesday, April 26         Micro
Giacinta Cestone (CSEF-Universit� di Salerno and CEPR)
"Multimarket Competition: The Internal Capital Market Channel" joint with Chiara Fumagalli


 Tuesday May 3           Econometrics
Fabio Schiantarelli (Boston College)
"Capital Accumulation and Growth : A New Look at the Empirical Evidence", joint with S. Bond and A. Leblebicioglu

 Wednesday, May 4      Micro              OCCASIONAL
Charles Blackorby (University of Warwick)

"Taxes and Employment Subsidies in Optimal Redistribution Programs" joint with Paul Beaudry (University of British Columbia)

 Tuesday, May 10         Micro
Massimo Motta (European University Institute)
"Exclusive dealing, entry, and mergers" with C Fumagalli and L Persson

 Tuesday, May 17         Econometrics
Anindya Banerjee (European University Institute)
"Breaking Panel Data Cointegration" joint with Josep Lluis Carrion-i-Silvestre (University of Barcelona)

 Friday, May 20             Micro        OCCASIONAL SEMINAR
Nicola Persico (University of Pennsylvania)
"Estimating Deterrence Effects Using Random Crackdowns: Theory and Evidence" joint with Jan Eeckhout and Petra Todd (University of Pennsylvania)

 Tuesday, May 24         Micro
Georges Casamatta (University of Toulouse)
"Clientelism and Aid" joint with Charles Vellutini (University of Toulouse)

 Tuesday, May 31         Econometrics
Barbara Petrongolo (London School of Economics, CEP, CEPR and IZA)
"Unequal Pay or Unequal Employment? A Cross-Country Analysis of Gender Gaps" joint with Claudia Olivetti (Boston University)



 Monday, June 13         Econometrics
Harald Uhlig (Humboldt University Berlin, Deutsche Bundesbank, CentER and CEPR) 
"Macroeconomics and Asset Markets: Some Mutual Implications"

 Tuesday, June 14        Micro
Moshe Justman (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel)
"Academic Admissions Standards: Implications for Output, Distribution and Mobility" joint with Yaakov Gilboa (Sapir College)

 Wednesday, June 22       Micro     OCCASIONAL
Steven Klepper (Carnegie Mellon University)
"Entrepreneurship, Geography and the Origin of Entrants"
Click here for related paper:"Heritage and Agglomeration: The Akron Tire Cluster Revisited"

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 Tuesday, June 28        Micro
Stanley Winer (Carleton University, Canada)
"Political Competition, Convergence to Fundamentals and the Size of the Public Sector: With Application to the Study of Political Business Cycles" joint with J.Stephen Ferris (Carleton University) and Soo-Bin Park (Carleton University)


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