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2006 Articles of IGIER Scholars

Alberto Alesina (with Alexander Wagner), "Choosing (and Reneging on) Exchange Rate Regimes," Journal of the European Economic Association, June 2006, 4:770-99 .

Alberto Alesina (with Enrico Spolaore), "Conflict, Defense Spending and the Number of Nations," European Economic Review, January 2006, 50: 91-120 .

Alberto Alesina (with Silvia Ardagna and Francesco Trebbi), "Who Adjusts and When? On the Political Economy of Stabilizations," IMF Staff Papers, Mundell-Fleming Lecture, 53: 1-49, 2006 .
Guido Alfani, “Spiritual Kinship and the others. Ivrea, XVIth-XVIIth Centuries”, Popolazione e Storia, pp. 57-81, n. 1/2006

Pierpaolo Battigalli, "Rationalization in Signaling Games: Theory and Applications", International Game Theory Review (2006), vol. 8(1), pp. 67-93
Francesco Billari (with H.Kulu), "Migration to Urban and Rural Destinations in Post-Soviet Estonia: a Multilevel Event-History Analysis", Environment and Planning A (2006), vol. 38(4), pp. 749-764

Francesco Billari (with A. Aassve, and Z. Spéder), “Societal Transition, Policy Changes and Family Formation: Evidence from Hungary”, European Journal of Population (2006), 22, 2: 127-152.

Francesco Billari (with J. Fürnkranz, and A. Prskawetz), “Timing, sequencing, and quantum of life course events: a machine learning approach”, European Journal of Population (2006), 22, 1: 37-65.

Francesco Billari (with D. Philipov, and Z. Spéder), “Soon, later, or ever? The impact of anomie and social capital on fertility intentions in Bulgaria (2002) and Hungary (2001)”, Population Studies (2006), 60, 3: 289-308.
Alberto  Bisin (with P. Gottardi), "Efficient Competitive Equilibria with Adverse Selection", Journal of Political Economy (2006), vol. 114(3), pp.  485-516
Alberto  Bisin (with A. Rampini), "Markets as Beneficial Constraints on the Government", Journal of Public Economics (2006), vol. 90(4-5), pp. 601-629
Alberto Bisin (with U. Horst, and O. Ozgur), "Rational Expectations Equilibria of Economies with Local Interactions", Journal of Economic Theory (2006), vol. 127(1), pp. 74-116
Tito  Boeri, (with P. Garibaldi), "Are Labour Markets in the New Member States Sufficiently Flexible for EMU?", The Journal of Banking and Finance (2006), vol. 30(5), pp. 1393-1407
Alessandra Cillo (with F. Beccacece), "Applying the Benchmarking Procedure: A Decision Criterion of Choice under Risk", Theory and Decision (2006), 61, pp.75-91
Alessandra Cillo (with P. Delquié), "Disappointment without Prior Expectation: A Unifying Perspective on Decision under Risk", Journal of Risk and Uncertainty (2006), 33, pp.197-215
Alessandra Cillo (with  P. Delquié), "Expectations, Disappointment, and Rank-Dependent Probability Weighting", Theory and Decision (2006), 60, pp.193-206
Marco  Da Rin (with G. Nicodano and A. Sembenelli), "Public Policy and the Creation of Active Venture Capital Markets", Journal of Public Economics (2006), vol. 80(8-9), pp. 1699-723
Francesco Daveri (with M. Maliranta), "Age, Seniority and Labour Costs: Lessons from the Finnish IT Revolution", Economic Policy (2006), vol. 22(49), pp. 117-175
Francesco Daveri (with A. Mascotto), "The IT Revolution across the United States", Review of Income and Wealth (2006), vol. 52(4), pp. 569-602

Paolo Epifani (with Gino Gancia), “Increasing Returns, Imperfect Competition and Factor Prices” (2006), The Review of Economics and Statistics, 88(4), pp. 583-598.

Paolo Epifani (with Juliette Vitaloni), “GATT-Think” with Asymmetric Countries” (2006), The Review of International Economics, 14(3), pp. 427-444.
Carlo A. Favero (with F. X. Diebold, R. F. Engle, G. M. Gallo and F. Schorfheide), "The Econometrics of Macroeconomics, Finance, and the Interface", Journal of Econometrics (2006), vol. 127(1-2), pp. 1-2
Carlo A.Favero (with A. Carriero and I.Kaminska), "Financial Factors, Macroeconomic Information and the Expectations Theory of the Term Structure of Interest Rates", Journal of Econometrics (2006), vol. 127(1-2), pp. 339-358
Carlo A. Favero, "Taylor Rules and the Term Structure", Journal Of Monetary Economics (2006), vol. 53(7), pp. 1377-1393

Chiara Fumagalli
(with M. Motta), "Exclusive dealing and entry when buyers compete", American Economic Review,96(3), 785-795, 2006.

Chiara Fumagalli (with N. Fabra, M. Motta and P. Courty), "Identical Price Categories in Oligopolistic Markets. Innocent Behaviour or Collusive Practice?", AGCM Collana Temi e Problemi, Vol. 11, 2006.
Pietro Garibaldi (with T. Boeri), "Are Labour Markets in the New Member States Sufficiently Flexible for EMU?”, Journal of Banking & Finance (2006), vol. 30(5), pp. 1393-1407
Francesco Giavazzi (with O.Blanchard), "Rebalancing Growth in China: A Three-Handed Approach", China and World Economy (2006), vol. 14(4), pp. 1-20
Fabio Maccheroni (with A. Rustichini and M. Marinacci), "Ambiguity Aversion, Robustness, and the Variational Representation of Preferences", Econometrica (2006), vol. 74(6), pp. 1447-1498
Fabio Maccheroni (with M. Amarante), "When an Event Makes a Difference", Theory and Decision (2006), 60, pp.119-126
Fabio Maccheroni (with M. Amarante, M. Marinacci and L. Montrucchio), "Cores of Non-Atomic Market Games", International Journal of Game Theory (2006), vol. 34(3), pp. 399-424, 2006
Fabio Maccheroni (with A. Rustichini and M. Marinacci), "Dynamic Variational Preferences", Journal of Economic Theory (2006), vol. 127(1), pp. 4-44
Marco Maffezzoli, "Convergence Across Italian Regions and the Role of Technological Catch-Up", Topics in Macroeconomics (2006), vol. 6(1), Article 15
Massimiliano Marcellino (with Jim Stock and Mark Watson), "A Comparison of Direct and Iterated AR Methods for Forecasting Macroeconomic Series h-Steps Ahead", Journal of Econometrics (2006), vol. 135(1-2), pp. 499-526 
Massimiliano Marcellino (with E. Angelini and J. Henry), "Interpolation with a Large Information Set", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2006), vol. 30, 2693-2724 
Massimiliano Marcellino (with A. Banerjee), "Are There any Reliable Leading Indicators for the US Inflation and GDP Growth?", International Journal of Forecasting (2006), vol. 22(1), pp. 137-151 
Massimiliano Marcellino, "Some Stylized Facts on Fiscal Policy in the Euro Area", Journal of Macroeconomics (2006),vol. 28(3), pp. 461-479 
Massimiliano Marcellino (with F. Corielli), "Factor Based Index Tracking", Journal of Banking and Finance (2006), vol. 30(8(, pp. 2215-2233
Fulvio Ortu (with M. Baccara and A. Battauz), "Effective Securities in Arbitrage-Free Markets with Bid-Ask Spreads at Liquidation: a Linear Programming Characterization", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2006), vol. 30(1), pp. 55-79
Marco Ottaviani (with A. Banal-Estañol), "Mergers with Product Market Risk", Journal of Economics & Management Strategy (2006), 15, pp.577-608
Marco Ottaviani (with S. Bose, G. Orosel and L. Vesterlund), "Dynamic Monopoly Pricing and Herding", RAND Journal of Economics (2006), 37, pp.912-928
Marco Ottaviani (with P. Sørensen), "The Strategy of Professional Forecasting", Journal of Financial Economics (2006), 81, pp.441-466
Marco Ottaviani (with P. Sørensen), "Reputational Cheap Talk", RAND Journal of Economics (2006), 37, pp.155-175
Marco Ottaviani (with P. Sørensen), "Professional Advice", Journal of Economic Theory (2006), 126, pp.120-142
Marco Ottaviani (with F. Squintani), "Naive Audience and Communication Bias", International Journal of Game Theory (2006), 35, pp.129-150
Fausto  Panunzi (with M. Burkart), "Agency Conflicts, Ownership Concentration, and Legal Shareholder Protection", Journal of Financial Intermediation (2006), vol. 15(1), pp. 1-31
Fausto Panunzi (with M. Burkart and D. Gromb), "Minority Blocks and Takeover Premia", Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics (2006), vol. 162(1), pp. 32-49 
Fausto  Panunzi (with M. Burkart), "Agency Conflicts, Ownership Concentration, and Legal Shareholder Protection", Journal of Financial Intermediation (2006), vol. 15, pp. 1-31
Luca Sala (with D. Giannone and L. Reichlin), "VARs, Common Factors and the Empirical Validation of Equilibrium Business Cycle Models", Journal of Econometrics (2006), vol. 127(1), pp. 257-279
Ulf Soderstrom (with Richard Dennis), "How Important is Precommitment for Monetary Policy?", Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking (2006), vol. 38(4), pp. 847-872
Guido Tabellini (with T. Persson), "Democracy and Development: The Devil in the Details", American Economic Review (2006), vol. 96(2), pp 319-324
Guido Tabellini (with C. Wyplosz), "Supply-Side Reforms in Europe: Can the Lisbon Strategy be Repaired?", Swedish Economic Policy Review, vol. 13(1), pp 
Guido Tabellini (with A. Alesina and T. Persson), "Reply to Blankart and Koester's Political Economics versus Public Choice Two Views of Political Economy in Competition", Kyklos,vol. 59(2), pp. 201 - 208
Helder Vasconcelos, "Endogenous Mergers in Endogenous Sunk Cost Industries", International Journal of Industrial Organization (2006), vol. 24(2), pp. 227-250

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