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2007 Articles of IGIER Scholars

Alberto Alesina (with Nicola Fuchs-Schuendeln), "Good Bye Lenin (or not?) - The Effect of Communism on People's Preferences," American Economic Review, September 2007, 97: 1507-1528
Guido Alfani, “Population and Environment in Northern Italy during the XVIth Century”, Population, pp. 559-595, n. 4/2007

Guido Alfani (with Samuel K. Cohn), “Households and Plague in Early Modern Italy”, Journal of Interdisciplinary History, n. 38, pp. 177-205, 2007

Pierpaolo Battigalli (with C. Fumagalli and M. Polo), "Buyer Power and Quality Improvement", Research in Economics (2007), vol. 61(2), pp. 45-61
Pierpaolo Battigalli (with M. Dufwenberg), "Guilt in Games", American Economic Review (2007), vol. 97(2), pp. 170-176.
Pierpaolo Battigalli (with M. Siniscalchi), "Interactive Epistemology in Games with Payoff Uncertainty", Research in Economics (2007), vol. 61(4), pp. 165-184
Christian Bayer (with Falko Jüssen), "Convergence in West German Regional Unemployment Rates", German Economic Review (2007), vol. 8(4), pp.510-535
Christian Bayer, "Investment Timing and Predatory Behaviour in Duopoly with Endogenous Exit", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2007), vol. 31(9), pp.3069-3109

Francesco Billari (with A. Aassve,and R. Piccarreta), “Strings of Adulthood: A Sequence Analysis of Young British Women’s Work-family Trajectories”, European Journal of Population (2007), 23, 3-4: 369-388.

Francesco Billari (with A.C. Liefbroer), “Should I stay or should I go? The impact of age norms on leaving home”, Demography (2007), 44, 1: 181-198.

Francesco Billari
(with T. Fent, A. Prskawetz, and B. Aparicio-Diaz), “The "Wedding-Ring": An agent-based marriage model based on social interaction”, Demographic Research (2007), 17, 3: 59-82.

Francesco Billari (with H.-P. Kohler, G. Andersson, and H. Lundström, “Approaching the Limit: Long-Term Trends in Late and Very Late Fertility”, Population and Development Review (2007), 33, 1: 149-170.

Francesco Billari (with H.A.G. de Valk), “Living arrangements of migrant and Dutch young adults: The family influence disentangled”, Population Studies (2007), 61, 2: 201-217.

Francesco Billari (with R. Piccarreta),“Clustering work and family trajectories by using a divisive algorithm”, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A (Statistics in Society) (2007), 170, 4: 1061-1078.

Francesco Billari (with A. Vikat, Z. Spéder, G. Beets, C. Bühler, A. Désesquelles, T. Fokkema, J.M. Hoem, A.MacDonald, G. Neyer, A. Pailhé, A. Pinnelli, and A. Solaz), “Generations and Gender Survey (GGS):Towards a Better Understanding of Relationships and Processes in the Life Course”, Demographic Research (2007), 17: 389-439.

Francesco Billari (with E. Zagheni), “A cost valuation model based on a stochastic representation of the IPAT equation”, Population and Environment (2007), 29, 2: 68-82.
Tito  Boeri, (with P. Garibaldi), "Two Tier Reforms of Employment Protection: a Honeymoon Effect?", Economic Journal (2007), vol. 117(521), pp. 357-385
Laura Bottazzi (with G.Peri), "The Dynamics of R&D and Innovation in the Short Run and in the Long Run", The Economic Journal (2007), vol. 117( 518), pp. 486-511

Maristella Botticini (with Zvi Eckstein), “From Farmers to Merchants, Conversions and Diaspora: Human Capital and Jewish History.” Journal of the European Economic Association 5, no. 5 (September 2007): 885-926 (lead article).
Francesco Daveri (with M. Maliranta), "Age, Seniority and Labour Costs: Lessons from the Finnish IT revolution", Economic Policy (2007), vol. 49(1), pp. 118-175
Carlo A. Favero (with M. Pagano and E. Von Thadden), "How does Liquidity Affect Bond Yields", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2007), vol. 45(1), pp.107-134
Vincenzo Galasso (with P. Profeta), "How Does Ageing Affect the Welfare State?", European Journal of Political Economy (2007), vol. 23(2), pp.554-563
Vincenzo Galasso, (with R. Disney and P. Profeta), "A Further Comment on Ageing and the Welfare State", European Journal of Political Economy (2007), vol. 23(2), pp.576-577
Eliana La Ferrara, "Descent Rules and Strategic Transfers. Evidence from Matrilineal Groups in Ghana", Journal of Development Economics (2007), vol. 83(2), pp. 280-301
Eliana La Ferrara (with M. Guidolin), "Diamonds Are Forever, Wars Are Not. Is Conflict Bad for Private Firms?", American Economic Review (2007), vol. 97(5), pp. 1978-93
Marco Maffezzoli (with A. Cuñat), "Can Comparative Advantage Explain the Growth of US Trade?", The Economic Journal (2007), vol. 117(520), pp. 583-602
Marco Maffezzoli, (with A. Cuñat), "Specialization Patterns and the Factor Bias of Technology", The B.E. Journal of Macro-economics (2007), vol. 7(1), Article 16
Paolo Manasse, (with C. Chamon and A. Prati), "Can We Predict the Next Capital Account Crisis?", IMF Staff Papers (2007), vol. 54(2), pp. 270-305, paper presented at the IXth J. Polak Conference, International Monetary Fund, Washington DC
Paolo Manasse, "Deficit Limits and Fiscal Rules for Dummies", IMF Staff Papers (2007), vol. 54(3), pp. 455-473
Massimiliano Marcellino, "Pooling-Based Data Interpolation and Backdating", Journal of Time Series Analysis (2007), vol. 28(1), pp. 53-71, 01 
Massimiliano Marcellino (with C. Dreger), "A Macroeconometric Model for the Euro Economy", Journal of Policy Modeling (2007), vol. 29(1), pp. 1-13 
Massimiliano Marcellino (with A. Carriero), "A Comparison of Methods for the Construction of Composite Coincident and Leading Indexes for the UK", International Journal of Forecasting (2007), vol. 23(2), pp. 219-236
Massimiliano Marcellino (with M. Artis and A. Galvao), "The Transmission Mechanism in a Changing World", Journal of Applied Econometrics (2007), vol. 22(1), pages 39-61 
Massimo Marinacci (with L. Epstein and K. Seo), "Coarse Contingencies and Ambiguity", Theoretical Economics (2007), 2, pp.355-394
Massimo Marinacci (with L. Epstein), "Mutual Absolute Continuity of Multiple Priors", Journal of Economic Theory (2007), 137, pp.716-720
Matthias Messner (with M. K. Polborn),"Strong and Coalition-Proof Equilibria under Plurality and Runoff Rule", International Journal of Game Theory (2007), 35, pp.287-315
Tommaso  Monacelli (with E. Faia), "Optimal Interest Rate Rules, Asset Prices and Credit Frictions", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2007), vol. 31(10), pp 3228-3254
Fulvio Ortu (with A. Battauz), "Dynamic Versus One-Period Completeness in Event-Tree Security Markets", Economic Theory (2007), vol. 30(1), pp. 31-33
Marco Ottaviani (with A. Banal-Estañol),"Bank Mergers and Diversification: Implications for Competition Policy", European Financial Management (2007), 13, pp.578-590
Marco Ottaviani (with N. Kartik and F. Squintani), "Credulity, Lies, and Costly Talk", Journal of Economic Theory (2007), 134, pp. 93-116
Marco Ottaviani (with P. Sørensen), "Outcome Manipulation in Corporate Prediction Markets", Journal of the European Economic Association (Papers and Proceedings) (2007), 5, pp.554-563
Nicola Pavoni (with G. Violante), "Optimal Welfare-to-Work Programs", the Review of Economic Studies (2007), 74, January, pp.283-318
Nicola Pavoni, "On Optimal Unemployment Compensation", Journal of Monetary Economics (2007), 54, pp.1612-1630
Guido Tabellini, "Bureaucrats or Politicians? Part I: A Single Policy Task", American Economic Review (2007), vol. 97(1), pp. 169-179
Guido Tabellini (with T. Persson, G. Roland), "How do Electoral Rules Shape Party Structures, government Coalitions and Economic Policies?", Quarterly Journal of Political Science (2007), vol. 2, pp. 155 -188
Guido Tabellini, "The Scope of Cooperation: Values and Incentives", Quarterly Journal of Political Science (2007), vol. 123(3), pp. 905-950
Antonella Trigari (with V.Quadrini), "Public Employment and the business cycle", Scandinavian Journal of Economics (2007), vol.109(4), pp. 723 - 742


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