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2009 Articles of IGIER Scholars

Guido Alfani, “Godparenthood and the Council of Trent: crisis and transformation of a social institution (Italy,XV-XVIIth Centuries)”, Obradoiro de Historia Moderna (2009), 18, pp. 293-316

Pierpaolo Battigalli (with M.Dufwenberg), “Dynamic Psychological Games", Journal of Economic Theory (2009), vol. 144, pp.1-35
Mascia  Bedendo (with S. D. Hodges), "The Dynamics of the Volatility Skew: A Kalman Filter Approach", Journal of Banking and Finance (2009),vol. 33(6), pp.1156-1165

Francesco Billari (with D. Philipov,and M.R. Testa), “Attitudes, Norms and Perceived Behavioural Control: Explaining Fertility Intentions in Bulgaria”, European Journal of Population (2009), 25, 4: 439-465

Francesco Billari (with V. Bordone, G. Dalla Zuanna), “The Italian Labour Force Survey to estimate fertility”, Statistical Methods and Applications (2009), 18, 3: 445-451

Francesco Billari (with M. Myrskylä, and H.-P. Kohler),“Advances in Fertility Reverse Fertility Declines”, Nature (2009), 460: 741-743 (with Supplementary Information online)

Francesco Billari (with A. Vitali, A. Prskawetz, and M.R. Testa), “Preference Theory and Low Fertility: A Comparative Perspective”, European Journal of Population (2009), 25, 4: 413-438
Martina Bjorkman (with J. Svensson), "Power to the People: Evidence of a Randomized Field Experiment on Community-Based Monitoring in Uganda", Quarterly Journal of Economics (2009), vol. 124(2), pp.735-769 
Tito Boeri (with P. Garibaldi), "Beyond Eurosclerosis", Economic Policy (2009), vol. 24(59), pp.411-461 
Tito Boeri (with M.Burda), "Preferences for Collective vs. Individualized Wage Setting", The Economic Journal (2009), vol. 119(540), pp. 1440-1463 
Marco Da Rin (with  L. Bottazzi and T. Helmann), “What is the Role of Legal Systems in Financial Intermediation? Theory and Evidence", Journal of Financial Intermediation (2009), vol.18(3), pp. 559-598 

Paolo Epifani (with Gino Gancia), “Openness, Government Size and the Terms of Trade” (2009), The Review of Economic Studies 76, pp. 629-668.

Carlo A. Favero (with A. Consolo), "Monetary Policy Inertia. More a Fiction than a Fact?" (2009), Journal of Monetary Economics, pp.900- 906 Vol.56
Carlo A. Favero (with A. Consolo and A. Paccagnini), "On the Statistical Identification of DSGE Models", Journal of Econometrics (2009), vol. 150(1), pp.99-115 
Chiara Fumagalli (with M. Motta and L. Persson),On the anticompetitive effect of exclusive dealing when entry by merger is possible", Journal of Industrial Economics (12/2009), vol. 57(4), pages 785-811
Vincenzo Galasso (with R. Gatti and P. Profeta), "Investing for the old age: pensions, children and savings", International Tax and Public Finance (2009), vol. 16(4), pp. 538-559
Katja Kaufmann (with L. Pistaferri), “Disentangling Insurance and Information in Intertemporal Consumption Choices”, AEA P&P (2009), vol. 99(2), pp. 387 -392 

Eliana La Ferrara (with A. Chong),  "Television and Divorce: Evidence from Brazilian Novelas", Journal of the European Economic Association Papers & Proceedings, 7(2-3), 458-468, 2009
Fabio Maccheroni (with M. Dall'Aglio), "Disputed Lands", Games and Economic Behavior (2009), 66, pp. 57-77
Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci and A. Rustichini  (with M. Taboga), "Portfolio selection with monotone mean-variance preferences", Mathematical Finance (2009), vol. 19(3), pp.487-521
Paolo Manasse (with N. Roubini), "'Rules of Thumb' for Sovereign Debt Crises", Journal of International Economics (2009), vol. 78(2), pp. 192-205 
Massimo Marinacci (with P. Klibanoff and Sujoy Mukerjii), "Recursive Smooth Ambiguity Preferences", Journal of Economic Theory (2009), 144, pp. 930-976
Debrah Meloso ( with J. Copic and P. Bossaerts), "Promoting Intellectual Discovery: Patents versus Markets", Science ( 2009), 323, March 6, pp. 1335-1339
Tommaso Monacelli and Luca Sala, "The international dimension of inflation: evidence from disaggregated consumer price data", Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking (2009), vol.41(s1), pp.101-120 
Tommaso Monacelli, "New Keynesian Models, Durable Goods, and Collateral Constraints", Journal of Monetary Economics (2009), vol. 56(2), pp. 242 - 254
Tommaso Nannicini (with A. Billmeier), "Trade Openness and Growth: Pursuing Empirical Glasnost", IMF Staff Papers (2009), vol. 56(3), pp. 447-475
Marco Ottaviani ( with R. Inderst), "Misselling through Agents", American Economic Review (2009), 99, pp. 883-908
Marco Ottaviani (with N. Maier), "Information Sharing in Common Agency: When is Transparency Good?", Journal of the European Economic Association (2009), 7, pp. 162-187
Marco Ottaviani (with P. Sørensen), "Surprised by the Parimutuel Odds?", American Economic Review (2009), 99, pp. 2129-2134
Nicola Pavoni, "Optimal Unemployment Insurance, with Human Capital Depreciation and Duration Dependence", the International Economic Review (2009), May, pp.323-362
Michele Pellizzari (joint with G. De Giorgi), "Welfare Migration in Europe", Labour Economics (2009), vol. 16(4), pp. 353-363
Luca Sala, "Back to Square One: Identification Issues in DSGE Models", Journal of Monetary Economics (2009), vol. 56(4), pp. 431-449 
Antonella Trigari (with M. Gertler), “Unemployment fluctuations with staggered Nash wage bargaining", Journal of Political Economy (2009), vol.117(1), pp.38-86
Antonella Trigari, "Equilibrium unemployment, job flows and inflation dynamics", Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking (2009), vol.41(1), pp.1-33 

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