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2010 Articles of IGIER Scholars

Alberto Alesina  (with P. Giuliano), "The Power of the Family", Journal of Economic Growth (2010), vol. 15(2), pp. 93–125
Alberto Alesina (with S. Ardagna), "Large Changes in Fiscal Policy: Taxes versus Spending," NBER Chapters, in: Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 24 (2010), pages 35-68, National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc.

Guido Alfani, “The effects of plague on the distribution of property: Ivrea, Northern Italy 1630”, Population Studies (2010),  64, 1, pp. 61-75

Guido Alfani, “Wealth Inequalities and Population Dynamics in Early Modern Northern Italy”, Journal of Interdisciplinary History (2010), XL, 4, pp. 513-549

Guido Alfani, “Climate, population and famine in Northern Italy: general tendencies and Malthusian crisis, ca.1450-1800”, Annales de Démographie Historique (2/2010), pp. 23-53 
Mascia Bedendo ( with F. Campolongo,E. Joossens and F. Saita), "Pricing multiasset equity options: How relevant is the dependence function?," Journal of Banking & Finance (04/2010), vol. 34(4), pages 788-801

Francesco Billari (with A.C. Liefbroer), “Towards a new pattern of transition to adulthood?”, Advances in Life Course Research (2010), 15, 2-3: 59-75

Francesco Billari (with F. Iozzi, F. Trusiano, M. Chinazzi, E. Zagheni, S. Merler, M. Ajelli, E. Del Fava, and P. Manfredi), “Little Italy: An Agent-Based Approach to the Estimation of Contact Patterns- Fitting Predicted Matrices to Serological Data”, PLOS Computational Biology (2010), 6, 12: 1-10

Francesco Billari (with A.C. Liefbroer), “Bringing norms back in: a theoretical and empirical discussion of their importance for understanding demographic behaviour”, Population, Space and Place (2010),16, 4:287-305

Francesco Billari (with C.H. Mulder), “Home-ownership regimes and low fertility”, Housing Studies (2010), 25, 4: 527-541

Francesco Billari (with C. Rondinelli, A. Aassve), “Women’s wages and childbearing decisions: Evidence from Italy”,Demographic Research (2010), 22, 19: 549-578

Martina Bjorkman (with J. Svensson),  "When is community-based monitoring effective? Evidence from a randomized experiment in primary health in Uganda", Journal of the European Economic Association (2010), vol. 124(2), pp. 735-769

Tito Boeri and Guido Tabellini,  "Does Information Increase Political Support for Pension Reform?", Public Choice (2010),  pp.1-36

Tito Boeri"Immigration to the Land of Redistribution",  Economica (2010), vol. 77(4), pp. 651-687. 

Tito Boeri (with M. Macis), "Do Unemployment Benefits Promote or Hinder Job Reallocation", Journal of Development Economics (2010), vol. 93(1), pp.109-125
Alessandra Cillo  (with H. Bleichrodt and E. Diecidue), "A Quantitative Measurement of Regret Theory, Management Science (2010), 56, 161-175  
Paolo Colla (with A. Mele), "Information Linkages and Correlated Trading", Review of Financial Studies (2010), vol. 23(1), pp. 203-246
Marco Da Rin (with M. Di Giacomo and A. Sembenelli), "Corporate Taxation and the Size of New Firms: Evidence from Europe", Journal of the European Economic Associations Papers and Proceedings  (2010), vol. 8(2-3), pp. 606-616 

Alfredo Di Tillio (with Yi-Chun Chen, Eduardo Faingold, and Siyang Xiong),  "Uniform Topologies on Types", Theoretical Economics (2010), vol. 5(3), pp. 445-478

Carlo A. Favero(with M. Pagano and E. von Thadden), "How Does Liquidity Affect Bond Yields?", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis  (2010), vol. 45(1), pp.107-134

Vincenzo Galasso (with M. D'Amato), "Political intergenerational risk sharing",  Journal of Public Economics (2010), vol. 94(9-10), pp. 628-63
Massimo Guidolin and Eliana La Ferrara, "The Economic Effects of Violent Conflict: Evidence from Asset Market Reactions", Journal of Peace Research (11/2010); vol. 47 (6), pp. 671-684

Selim Gulesci (with O. Bandiera, R. Burgess, M. Goldstein, I. Rasul,and M. Sulaiman),“Intentions to Participate in Adolescent Training Programs: Evidence From Uganda”,   Journal of the European Economic Association (Papers and Proceedings), April-May 2010, Iss. 8.2-3.
Eliana La Ferrara ( with. S. Della Vigna), "Detecting Illegal Arms Trade", American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (11/2010), vol. 2 (4)

Fabio Maccheroni (with I. Gilboa, M. Marinacci, and D. Schmeidler), "Objective and subjective rationality in a multiple prior model", Econometrica (2010), vol. 78, pp. 55-770

Tommaso Monacelli (with R. Perotti and A. Trigari), "Unemployment Fiscal Multipliers",Journal of Monetary Economics (2010), vol. 57(5), pp. 531-553
Massimo Marinacci  (with L. Montrucchio), "Unique Solutions for Stochastic Recursive Utilities", Journal of Economic Theory (2010), vol. 145(5), pp. 1776-1804 
Tommaso Monacelli and Roberto Perotti, "Fiscal Policy, the Real Exchange Rate and Traded Goods," Economic Journal (05/2010), vol. 120(544), pages 437-461

Tommaso Nannicini (joint with S, Gagliarducci and P. Naticchioni), "Moonlighting Politicians", Journal of Public Economics (2010), vol. 94(9-10), pp. 688-699
Marco Ottaviani (with P. Sorensen), "Noise, Information, and the Favorite-Longshot Bias in Parimutuel Prediction", American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (2010), 2, pp.58-85

Michele Pellizzari (with G. De Giorgi and S. Redaelli), "Identification of Social Interactions through Partially Overlapping Peer Groups", American Economic Journal: Applied Economics(2010), vol. 2(2), pp. 241-275 

Michele Pellizzari"Do friends and relatives really help in getting a good job?", The Industrial and Labor Relations Review (2010), vol. 63(3), pp. 494-510
Barbara Rindi (with P. Perotti), "Market Makers as Information Providers: the Natural Experiment of Star", Journal of Empirical Finance (2010), vol. 17(5), pp. 895-917
GuidoTabellini, "Culture and institutions: economic development in the regions of Europe", Journal of the European Economic Association (2010), vol. 8(4), pp. 677–716  

Guido Tabellini (with A. Greif), "Cultural and institutional bifurcations: China and Europe compared", American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings (2010), vol. 100(2), pp. 135–40 


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