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Governing Council, 2014-2016

Carlo Favero, President
Maristella Botticini, Director
Jordi Galì, appointed by CEPR
Elhanan Helpman, appointed by NBER
Franco Peracchi, appointed by Bocconi
Roberto Perotti, appointed by Bocconi
Richard Portes, President of CEPR
James Poterba, President of NBER

IGIER's governance, 1990-2013

  President Director
1990-1994    Mario Monti Francesco Giavazzi
1995-2002 Francesco Giavazzi Guido Tabellini
2003-2006 Guido Tabellini Carlo Favero
2006-2008 Guido Tabellini Roberto Perotti
2008-2010 Francesco Giavazzi Carlo Favero
2011-2013 Carlo Favero Maristella Botticini

Last updated July 15, 2014