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Scientific coordinator: Maristella Botticini
Administrative coordinator: Silvia Tesauro

Students are one of Bocconi’s most important assets. To foster mentoring and research interactions between students and faculty members, IGIER invites Bocconi undergraduate and master students to join the center. The Visiting Students Initiative is organized around a few building blocks to endow students with skills that will be helpful in developing successful academic or professional careers in Italy or abroad. An overview of the initiative, including eligibility and selection criteria, can be found here.

We are delighted to present the 35 students who have been selected for the Visiting Students Initiative for the academic year 2011-2012.

BA Program Name Mentor
CLES Michele Barale                   Marco Maffezzoli
CLEF Elisa Bassu Massimo Marinacci
CLES Emanuele Dicarlo Eliana La Ferrara
CLES Michele Fornino Tommaso Monacelli
BIEMF Dimitria Gavalyugova Antonella Trigari
BIEMF Sumi Hur Francesco Giavazzi
CLES Andrea Lisi Marco Ottaviani
BIEMF Lorenzo Pessina Antonella Trigari
CLEAM Sergio Rinaudo Luca Sala
CLES Marina Rizzi Eliana La Ferrara
CLEAM Riccardo Silvestri Marco Ottaviani
CLES Antonio Varco Francesco Giavazzi

Master Program Name Mentor
Finance 1st year Giuseppe Amore Carlo Favero
DES 1st year Federica Basile Maristella Botticini
Finance 1st year Sergio Bellotti Carlo Favero
DES 2nd year Giulia Brancaccio Fabio Maccheroni
DES 1st year Veronica Cappelli Massimo Marinacci
DES 2nd year Yinxiao Chu Fabio Maccheroni
DES 2nd year Monica Consorti Tito Boeri
Finance 1st year Antonio Di Lorenzo Carlo Favero
DES 1st year Jacopo Di Nardo Massimo Marinacci
DES 1st year Carlo Didonna Massimo Marinacci
DES 1st year Nicola Fontana Eliana La Ferrara
Finance 1st year Lorenzo Gazzetta Tommaso Monacelli
DES 2nd year Andrea Giannuzzi Massimo Guidolin
DES 2nd year Giulia Giupponi Tito Boeri
DES 1st year Francesco Loiacono Eliana La Ferrara
Finance 2nd year Pasquale Marco Marrazzo Massimo Guidolin
DES 1st year Luca Molinari Massimo Guidolin
DES 1st year Matteo Paradisi Nicola Pavoni
DES 2nd year Alberto Polo Tommaso Monacelli
DES 1st year Cecilia Potente Maristella Botticini
DES 1st year Umberto Sagliaschi Roberto Perotti
DES 1st year Marco Tabellini Roberto Perotti
Finance 1st year Annalisa Tranzi Carlo Favero

Last updated July 27, 2022