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Everyone is invited to attend the presentations of the IGIER Visiting Students
in seminar room 5-E4-Sr04 in via Roentgen 1

Date Students Article to be presented
March 14
h 18:15
Mauro Moretto
Umberto Sagliaschi
"Self-Selection and Pareto Efficient Taxation" by J.E. Stiglitz  
April 16
h 18:15
Francesco Furno
Pier Luigi Susini
"Distance to Frontier, Selection and Economic Growth" by D. Acemoglu, P. Aghion and F. Zilibotti
April 18
h 18:15
Marco Tabellini
Antonio Varco
"The Household Effects of Government Spending" by F. Giavazzi and M. McMahon
April 20
h 08:00 
Michele Fornino
Elia Sartori 
"Equilibria under Active and Passive Monetary and Fiscal Policies" by E. Leeper
April 20
h 09:15 
Michele Barale
Andrea Lisi 
"Law Enforcement, Malfeasance, and Compensation of Enforcers" by G. S. Becker and G. J. Stigler
April 20
h 10:45
Veronica Cappelli
Daniele Imperiale 
"Prospect Theory: An Analysis of Decision under Risk" by D. Kahneman and A. Tversky
April 20
h 12:00
Matteo Camboni
Lorenzo Pessina
"The Financial Accelerator and the Flight to Quality" by B. Bernanke, M. Gertler and S. Gilchrist
May 02
h 18:15
Filippo Civitelli
Gaia Greta Dossi
"On Modelling and Interpreting the Economics of Catstrophic Climate Change" by M. L. Weitzman
May 09
h 18:15
Emanuele Di Carlo
Luca Ferocino
"Fear and the Response to Terrorism: An Economic Analysis" by G.S.Becker and Y.Rubinstein
May 16
h 18:15
Gianluca Mazzetti
Adriana Troiano
"A Model of a Systemic Bank Run" by H. Uhlig  
May 30
h 18:15
Guido Fara
Matteo Paradisi    
"The Political Economy of Ramsey Taxation" by D. Acemoglu, M. Golosov, and A. Tsyvinski


Last updated May 6, 2013