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The MIUR (Italian Ministry for Education, University, and Research) awards PRIN grants to fund research projects that normally require the collaboration of several scholars and research organizations, either national or international. The purpose of these grants is to enhance the participation of faculty in Italian universities to European initiatives related to the EU Framework Programs. These are the PRIN units currently active at IGIER:

PRIN 2017
Project duration: from 2020  to 2023

Coordinator Project
Francesco Decarolis The impact of the diffusion of algorithms on prices in online marketplaces: Efficiency or Collusion?
Nicola Gennaioli

Origins and Transmission of Financial Market Risks

Fabio Maccheroni

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis and Multiple Criteria Decision Theory

Salvatore Nunnari Experimenting with climate change: a behavioral approach to foster cooperation
Luca Sala 

Nonlinear and uncertainty effects of macroeconomic policies

Julien Sauvagnat

Information, firms' performance and workers' careers

Mara Squicciarini

Religious and Racial Discrimination Attitudes: Evidence from a Contemporary and a Historical context

PRIN 2015
Project duration: from 2017  to 2020

Coordinator Project
Chiara Fumagalli Labor and Finance
Francesco Giavazzi The Economics of Old Age Risks
Nicola Pavoni The Architecture of Markets and Institutions after the Crisis: Theoretical Foundations and Policy Implications
Guido Tabellini Partial Norms
Fernando Vega-Redondo The Dark Side of Networks

PRIN 2010-2011
Project duration: from 2013  to 2016

Coordinator Project
Francesco Giavazzi Family, Culture, Demographic Trends, and Economic Decisions
Fabio Maccheroni Ambiguity and Robust Statistics in Economic Modelling
Fausto Panunzi Finance and Work
Nicola Pavoni Imperfect Information, Adjustment Costs, and Allocative Efficiency in Real and Financial Markets

PRIN 2009 
Project duration: from 2010  to 2013

Coordinator Project
Carlo  Favero Financial Fluctuations, Business Cycle, and Inflation


Last updated September 24, 2020