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Everyone is welcome to attend the presentations of the IGIER Visiting Students in seminar room 5-E4-Sr04 in via Roentgen 1.

Date Students Article to be presented
March 7
h 12:00
Eleonora Bortolussi
Marco Giometti
"Sovereign Default, Domestic Banks and Financial Institutions" by N. Gennaioli, A. Martin, and S. Rossi
March 7
h 13:00
Paola Casetta
Francesco Furno
"The Diffusion of Development" by E. Spolaore and R. Waczgiarg
March 7
h 16:30
Andrea Manera "Observing Unobservables: Identifying Information Asymmetries with a Consumer Credit Field Experiment" D. Karlan and J. Zinman
March 7 h. 17:30 Cleménce Idoux
Elia Sartori
"De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum" by G. Becker
March 14
h 13:15
Riccardo Bianchi Vimercati
Andrea Zamuner
"Prospect Theory: An Analysis of Decisions under Risk" by D. Kahneman and A. Tversky
March 14
h 16:30
Kathrin Eichinger
Marta Golin
"Uncertainty Averse Preferences" by S. Cerreia-Vioglio, F. Maccheroni, M. Marinacci, L. Montrucchio
March 14
h 17:30
Marco S. Petterson
Christoph Schilling
"A Theory of Rational Addiction" by G. Becker e K. Murphy
March 21
h 08:30
Anna Airoldi
Igor Cerasa
“The Fox News Effect: Media Bias and Voting,” by S. DellaVigna and E. Kaplan
March 21
h 09:30
Gualtiero Azzalini
Benedetta Brioschi
"Diamonds Are Forever, Wars Are Not: Is Conflict Bad For Private Firms?" by M. Guidolin and E. La Ferrara
March 21
h. 12:15
Virginia Degara
Enrico Di Gregorio
"Political Budget Cycles in New Versus Established Democracies" by A. Brender and A. Drazen
March 21
h. 13:15
Octavia Ghelfi
Nicola Rosaia

"Subjective Probability" by L. Savage

March 21
h 16:30
Armando Miano
Giorgio Monti
"The Scope of Cooperation: Values and Incentives" by G. Tabellini
March 21
h. 17:30
Luca Ferocino "Guilt in games" by P. Battigalli and M. Dufwenberg
March 21 h 18:30 Alberta Pelino Special presentation on research experience in Africa
March 28
h 12:15
Francesco Arcaleni
Zdravka Nikolova
"Monetary Policy as Financial Stability Regulation" by J. C. Stein
March 28
h 13:15
Luisa Cefala
Tommaso Cereda
"The Effect of Trade Liberalization on Child Labor" by E. V. Edmonds and N. Pavcnik
March 28
h 16:30
Matteo Camboni
Leonardo Nini
"Naïve Learning in Social Networks and the Wisdom of Crowds" by B. Golub and M. O. Jackson
March 28
h 17:30
Giovanni Labate
Emanuele Mastrocinque
"The Impact of Air Pollution on Infant Mortality: Evidence from Geographic Variation in Pollution Shocks Induced by a Recession" by K. Y. Chay and M. Greenstone
March 28
h 18:30
Daniele Imperiale
Song Zhang
"Was There a NASDAQ Bubble in the Late 1990s?" by L. Pastor and P. Veronesi


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