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2014 Articles of IGIER Scholars

Alberto Alesina and Eliana La Ferrara, "A test of racial bias in capital sentencing", The American Economic Review

Guido Alfani, "Back to the peasants: new insights into the economic, social, and demographic history of northern Italian rural populations during the Early Modern period", History Compass

Guido Alfani, "L’economia di Biella nella prima Età moderna: tratti distintivi e dinamiche evolutive", Mosaico. Asti, Biella e Vercelli tra Quattro e Cinquecento

Guido Alfani, "Le stime della mortalità per colera in Italia: una nota comparativa", Popolazione e Storia

Tito Boeri (with B. Severgnini), "The Decline of Professional Football in Italy", Handbook on the Economics of Football

Tito Boeri (with E. Patacchini, G. Peri), "Unexplored Dimensions of Discrimination"
Tito Boeri and Vincenzo Galasso (with A. De Coen, W. Eichhorst, V. Galasso, M. Kendzia, N. Steiber) "How to combine the entry of young people in the labour market with the retention of older workers?", IZA Journal of European Labor Studies

Elena Carletti (with F. Allen and D. Gale), "Money, Financial Stability and Efficiency",Journal of Economic Theory, pp. 100-127

Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci, (with A. Rustichini), "Niveloids and Their Extensions: Risk Measures in Small Domains", Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 413, 343-360, 2014.

Alessandra Cillo (with P. Delquié)  "Mean-risk Analysis with Enhanced Behavioral Content", European Journal of Operational Research, 239, 2014: 764-77

Alfredo Di Tillio  (with J. Halpern and D. Samet), "Conditional Belief Types", Games and Economic Behavior

Alejandro Francetich (with D. Kreps), "Bayesian Inference Does Not Lead You Astray ... On Average,”  Economics Letters, Vol. 125, Issue 3, December 2014, 444-446.

Vincenzo Galasso (with P. Profeta), "Population ageing and the size of the welfare state", International Handbook on Ageing and Public Policy

Nicola Gennaioli (with A. Shleifer, and R. Vishny), "Finance and the Preservation of Wealth", Quarterly Journal of Economics

Nicola Gennaioli (with R. La Porta, F. Lopes-de-Silanes, A. Shleifer), "Growth in Regions", Journal of Economic Growth

Tommaso Nannicini (with F. Drago and F. Sobbrio), "Meet the Press: How Voters and Politicians Respond to Newspaper Entry and Exit." American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 6(3): 159-88.

Fausto Panunzi (with M. Burkart, D. Gromb, H. Mueller), "Legal Investment Protection and Takeovers", The Journal of Finance

Nicola Pavoni and Matthias Messner, "On the Recursive Saddle Point Method", Dynamic GAmes and Applications

Michele Polo (with G. Immordino), "Public Policies in Investment-Intensive Industries"The Analysis of Competition Policy and Sectoral Regulation

Michele Polo (with G. Immordino), "Antitrust, Legal Standards and Investment", International Review of Law and Eocnomics

Linus Siming, "Your Former Employees Matter: Private Equity Firms and Their Financial Advisors", Review of Finance
Guido Tabellini (with A. Ichino), " Freeing the italian school system", Labour Economics

Guido Tabellini, "Inflation Targets Reconsidered: Comments on Paul Krugman", Monetary policy in a changing financial landscape

Antonella Trigari, "Discussion of  'Long-Term Nonemployment and Job Displacement' by Jae Song and Till von Wachter Jackson Hole", Economic Policy Symposium on Re-evaluating Labor Market Dynamics


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