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Can entrepreneurship be learned?
Lectio Inauguralis Rodolfo Debenedetti Chair in Entrepreneurship

23 September 2014 - 4:00pm
Università Bocconi
Aula Magna via Gobbi 5, Milano

Environments where entrepreneurs can emerge easily favor the creation of firms, their growth and their success. But if entrepreneurship is so central to economic development, what drives it? Why are there so many entrepreneurs in some areas, such as Silicon Valley or the Italian industrial districts, and so few in others? This important question has been in the forefront of policy debate and government intervention, but still fairly little is known from a scientific viewpoint. The event will discuss the determinants of entrepreneurial supply, focusing in particular on the process of acquiring entrepreneurial skills. Starting from a general perspective, the discussion will close with the case of Italy, arguing that, more than in the past, today’s entrepreneurs need access to high-quality education and to a well-developed equity finance industry to face the challenges of globalization.

Welcome Addresses
Mario Monti President, Università Bocconi
Carlo De Benedetti Entrepreneur and Publisher

Lectio Inauguralis
Can entrepreneurship be learned?
Fabiano Schivardi Rodolfo Debenedetti Chair in Entrepreneurship, Università Bocconi

Josh Lerner Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking, Harvard Business School
Michael Moritz Chairman, Sequoia Capital


Andrea Sironi Rector, Università Bocconi

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