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2015 Published Articles of IGIER Scholars

Alberto Alesina, Carlo Ambrogio Favero and Francesco Giavazzi (with Barbiero O. and  M. Paradisi), "Austerity in 2009-2013", Economic policy, Oxford University Press, July 2015 pp. 383–437

Alberto Alesina, Carlo Ambrogio Favero and Francesco Giavazzi, "The Output Effect of Fiscal Consolidation Plans", Journal of International Economics, 96, 1, S19-S42, Elsevier

Anna Battauz (with Marzia De Donno and Alessandro Sbuelz), Journal of Probability and Statistics, Vol. 2015, pages 1-6

Anna Battauz (with Marzia De Donno and Fulvio ORTU), "Mathematics and Financial Economics", 9:303–323 (2015)

Pierpaolo Battigalli, Simone Cerreia Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci, "Self-Confirming Equilibrium and Model Uncertainty", American Economic Review (2015), 105, 646-677

Pierpaolo Battigalli (with Giuseppe Attanasi and Elena Manzoni), "Incomplete Information Models of Guilt Aversion in the Trust Game", Management Science

Tito Michele Boeri (with De Philippis M., Patacchini E. and Pellizzari M.Wiley), "Immigration, Housing Discrimination and Employment", The Economic Journal, Vol. 125 (586), pp. F82-F114

Tito Michele Boeri (with Garibaldi P. and Moen E.IZA), "Financial Frictions, Financial Shocks and Unemployment Volatility", IZA D.P. N. 10648"

Tito Michele Boeri, IZA "Perverse effects of two-tier wage bargaining structures"

Elena Carletti (with Franklin Allen and Robert Marquez), “Deposits and Bank Capital Structure”, Journal of Financial Economics, 2015, 118(3), 601-619

Elena Carletti (with Franklin Allen, Itay Goldstein and Agnese Leonello), “Moral Hazard and Government Guarantees in the Banking Industry”, Journal of Financial Regulation, 2015, 1(1), 30-50

Elena Carletti (with Franklin Allen and Robert Marquez), “Stakeholder, Governance, Competition, and Firm Value”, Review of Finance, 2015, 19 (3), 1315-1346

Elena Carletti (with Philipp Hartmann and Steven Ongena), “The Economic Impact of Merger Control”, International Review of Law and Economics 2015, Vol. 42, pp. 88-104

Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, (with D. Dillenberger, and P.Ortoleva), "Cautious Expected Utility and the Certainty Effect", Econometrica, 83, 693-728, 2015

Simone Cerreia Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni and Massimo Marinacci, "Put-Call Parity and Market Frictions", Journal of Economic Theory, 157, 730-762, 2015

Simone Cerreia Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci and Aldo Rustichini,  "The Structure of Variational Preferences", Journal of Mathematical Economics, 57, 12-19, 2015

Simone Cerreia Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci (with Luigi Montrucchio), "Choquet Integration on Riesz Spaces and Dual Comonotonicity", Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 367, 8521-8542, 2015

Alessandra Cillo (with Aurélien Baillon, Han Bleichrodt), "A Tailor-Made Test of Intransitive Choice", Operations Research (2015), 63(1):198-211

Alessandra Cillo (with  F. Beccacece, E. Borgonovo, G. Buzzard e S. Zionts), "Elicitation of multiattribute value functions through high dimensional model representations: Monotonicity and interactions", European Journal of Operational Research, 246(2), 2015: 517-527

Filippo De Marco, "Bank Lending and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis", June 2015

Filippo De Marco (with M.Macchiavelli), "The Political Origin of Home Bias: The Case of Europe", December 2015

Filippo De Marco (with T.Wieladek) "The Real Effects of Capital Requirements and Monetary Policy: Evidence from the UK", December 2015

Alfredo Di Tillio and Marco Ottaviani (with Peter Normal Sorensen), "Persuasion Bias in Science: Can Economics Help?", November 2015, conditionally accepted by The Economic Journal

Carlo Ambrogio Favero and Claudio Tebaldi (with Bisetti E.,  Nocera G.),  "A Multivariate Model of Strategic Asset Allocation with Longevity Risk" , Journal of financial and quantitative analysis, 2015 

Alejandro Francetich, “Becoming the Neighbor Bidder:  Endogenous Winner’s Curse in Dynamic Mechanisms,” American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Vol. 7, Issue 2, May 2015, 45-76.

Chiara Fumagalli, "Discussion of Gender Gaps in Policy Making: Evidence from Direct Democracy" (by Patricia Funk and Christina Gathmann), Economic Policy, 30(81), 2015

Nicola Gennaioli (with P. Bordalo and A. Shleifer), "Competition for Attention", Review of Economic Studies, 2015

Nicola Gennaioli (with Y. Ma and A. Shleifer), "Expectations and Investment", NBER Macroeconomic Annual 2015

Francesco Giavazzi (with R. Baldwin et Al), "The Eurozone Crisis - A Consensus View of the Causes and a Few Possibile Remedies" (2015), CEPR Press

Francesco Giavazzi (with Charles Wyplosz), "EMU: Old Flaws Revisited", Journal of European Integration, 27 October 2015

Eliana La Ferrara (with Annamaria Milazzo), "Development and Nutrition" (2015), Egea publishing

Thomas Le Barbanchon (with Behaghel L, Crépon B), "Unintended Effects of Anonymous Resumes", American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 7(3), July 2015

Thomas Le Barbanchon (with Hairault J-O and T Sopraseuth), "The Cyclicality of the Separation and Job Finding Rates in France", European Economic Review, 76, May 2015

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Guido Bulligan and Fabrizio Venditti), "Forecasting economic activity with targeted predictors" (2015a) , International Journal of Forecasting, 31, 188-206

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Andrea Carriero and Todd Clark), “Bayesian VARs: Specification choices and forecasting performance” (2015b) , Journal of Applied Econometrics, 30, 46-73

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Claudia Foroni and Christian Schumacher), “U-MIDAS: MIDAS regressions with unrestricted lag polynomial” (2015c), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, 178, 57-82

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Wolfgang Lemke and Sandra Eickmeier), “A Classical Time Varying FAVAR Model: Estimation, Forecasting, and Structural Analysis” (2015d), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, 178, 493–533

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Laurent Ferrara and Matteo Mogliani), “Macroeconomic forecasting during the Great Recession: The return of non-linearity?” (2015e) , International Journal of Forecasting, 31 (2015) 664–679

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Mario Porqueddu and Fabrizio Venditti), "Short-term GDP forecasting with a mixed frequency dynamic factor model with stochastic volatility" (2015f), Journal of Business and Economic Statistics

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Claudia Foroni and Pierre Guerin), "Markov-Switching Mixed Frequency VAR Models" (2015g), International Journal of Forecasting

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Andrea Carriero and Todd Clark), "Real-Time Nowcasting with a Bayesian Mixed Frequency Model with Stochastic Volatility" (2015h), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Cecilia Frale, Stefano Grassi, Gian Luigi Mazzi and Tommaso Proietti), " EuroMInd-C: A Disaggregate Monthly Indicator of Economic Activity for the Euro Area and member countries" (2015i), International Journal of Forecasting

Massimiliano Marcellino (with George Kapetanios and Fotis Papailias), "Variable Selection for Large Unbalanced Datasets Using Non-Standard Optimisation of Information Criteria and Variable Reduction Methods " (2015l), Computational Statistics and Data Analysis

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Claudia Foroni), "Mixed frequency structural VARs" (2015k), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Vasja Sivec), "Monetary, Fiscal and Oil Shocks: Evidence based on Mixed Frequency Structural FAVARs" (2015o), Journal of Econometrics

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Lynda Khalaf and George Kapetanios), “Factor based identification-robust inference in IV regressions” (2015j), Journal of Applied Econometrics

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Guenter Beck and Kirstin Hubrich), “On the importance of sectoral and regional shocks for price-setting” (2015n), Journal of Applied Econometrics

Massimiliano Marcellino (with Angela Abbate, Wolfgang Lemke and Sandra Eickmeier), “The Changing International Transmission of Financial Shocks” (2015p), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

Massimo Marinacci, "Model Uncertainty", Journal of the European Economic Association, 13, 998-1076, 2015

Massimo Morelli (with Dominic Rohner), "Resource Concentration and Civil Wars", Journal of Development Economics, Volume 117, November 2015, Pages 32–47

Massimo Morelli (with Johannes Hoerner and Francesco Squintani), "Mediation and Peace", Review of Economic Studies, 15 May 2015

Massimo Morelli (with Joan Esteban and Dominic Rohner), "Strategic Mass Killings", Journal of Political Economy, Volume 123, Number 5 | October 2015

Massimo Morelli (with Francesco Caselli and Dominic Rohner), "The Geography of Inter-State Resource Wars",  Quarterly Journal of Economics, Q J Econ (2015) 130 (1): 267-315

Massimo Morelli and Salvatore Nunnari (with Helios Herrera), "Turnout Across Democracies", American Journal of Political Science, 10 September 2015

Massimo Morelli (with Francois Maniquet), "Approval Quorums Dominate Participation Quorums",  Social Choice and Welfare, Vol. 45, p. 1-27 (2015)

Tommaso Nannacini (with C.Kendall and F.Trebbi), "How Do Voters Respond to Information? Evidence from a Randomized Campaign" (2015), American Economic Review

Marco Ottaviani (with Peter Norman Sorensen), "Price Reaction to Information with Heterogeneous Beliefs and Wealth Effects: Underreaction, Momentum, and Reversal", American Economic Review, 105 (1): 1-34, January 2015

Fausto Panunzi (with Andrew Ellul, Tullio Jappelli and Marco Pagano), "Trasparency, Tax Pressure, and Access to Finance", Review of Finance

Nicola Pavoni (with H. Yazici), Optimal Life-cycle Capital Taxation under Self-Control Problems (forthcoming), The Economic Journal

Paolo Pin (with Brian Rogers), "Cooperation, Punishment and Immigration" (2015) , Journal of Economic Theory 160, 72-101

Paolo Pin (with Yongli Li and Chong Wu)  "A network centrality method for the rating problem" (2015), PLoS ONE 10(4): e0120247

Michele Polo (with Caterina Miriello), "The Development of Gas Hubs in Europe" (19/05/2015), Energy Policy

Igor  Prünster (with De Blasi P., Carlo Favaro, Lijoi A., Mena R. and Ruggiero M.), "Are Gibbs-type priors the most natural generalization of the Dirichlet process?", IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 37, 212-229 (2015)    

Barbara Rindi (with Sabrina Buti and Ingrid Werner), "Dark Pool Trading Strategies, Market Quality and Welfare", Journal of Financial Economics

Barbara Rindi (with Arie Gozluklu, Pietro Perotti and Roberta Fredella), "Lot Size Constraints and Market Quality: Evidence from the Borsa Italiana", Financial Management, Winter 2015 • pages 905 - 945

Luca Sala, "DSGE models in the frequency domain" (2015), Journal of Applied Econometrics, vol. 30(2), pp. 219-240

Julien Sauvagnat, “Prosecution and Leniency Programs: The Role of Bluffing in Opening Investigations”, Journal of Industrial Economics, 63(2), 313-338, 2015

Fabiano Schivardi (with Andrea Pozzi), “What Determines Firm Growth? The Role of Demand and TFP Shocks”, RAND Journal of Economics

Fabiano Schivardi (with Adriana DiLiberto and Giovanni Sulis), "Managerial Practices and Students’ Performance", Economic Policy, Vol. 30, 683-728, 2015

Guido Tabellini, "Ideas or Institutions?", Journal of Institutional Economics, 2015

Fernando Vega-Redondo (joint with José Antonio García), "Social Cohesion and the evolution of altruism", Games and Economic Behavior 92, 2015 

Hannes Wagner (with Julian Franks and Colin Mayer), "The Survival of the Weakest: Flourishing Family Firms in Germany", 2015, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance 27, 27-35

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