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  Eugenia Menaguale
Email: eugenia.menaguale@studbocconi.it
Mentor: Tommaso Monacelli

2015-current Student, MSc (ESS), Università Bocconi. 
2012-2015 Student, Undergraduate program (BIEMF major Economics), Università Bocconi. GPA: 29.7/30. Final grade: 110/110 cum laude. Thesis supervisor: Prof. Vincenzo Galasso. Final paper: “From Land Productivity to Welfare State Design via Family Culture”.
2015 (Jan-June) Student, Exchange Program, The Wharton School and Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania. Exams: Industrial Economics – online markets, prof. Bohren (A-), Econometrics, prof. Diebold (A), Business Policy and Strategy, prof. Menon (A-), Nations Politics and Markets, prof. Golub (A).
2014 Student Alliance Française, Bordeaux, France. 
2011 Student, Summer Exchange, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
2007-2012 High school (Liceo Scientifico “A. Einstein”, Teramo). Final grade: 100100
2016 Jan GRE test, 163 verbal 162 quantitative

Awards and Scholarships 
2015 Merit award, Bocconi University, member of BOSS Society

Work Experience 
2013 In-Company training, European Central Bank, Frankfurt
2013 In-Company training, Deutsche Borse Group, Frankfurt
2013 Class representative, Bocconi University

English: fluent, TOEFL ibT (December 2016) 115120 
French: good, DFP Affaires B2 mention Bien
Russian: basic, Bocconi Courses level I and II
Spanish: basic

Computer Skills
R: good, University of Pennsylvania course
Stata: good, Bocconi extra-curricular course
Java: basic, Bocconi extra-curricular course 
Latex: basic
Microsoft Office Package: very good, Bocconi courses and ECDL
Prezi: proficient
Wordpress: good, managing online microfinance blog

Extra Curricular Activities
2013-current  President and founder, Bocconi Students for Microfinance (bocconimicrofinance.org), events planning and blog editor
2012 Volunteer, Banco Caritas and Croce Bianca ONLUS (course in basic life support)

Other Skills and Interests
Sport activities: Gymnastics (minor competitions), Windsurf, Tennis, Crossfit 
Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, Running, Travelling, Imagining, Listening to people talking, Asking questions


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