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  Francesca Miserocchi
Email: 1667971@studbocconi.it
Mentor: Massimo Marinacci

2015-Present Master of Science in “Economics and Social Sciences (ESS)”, Bocconi University. Current GPA: 29.18/30
Jan-May 2015 Cornell University, Exchange Program
2012-2015 Bachelor in “Economia e Scienze Sociali (CLES)”, Bocconi University. GPA: 30.13/30. Final Grade:110/110 cum laude. Final thesis on: “Lotka-Volterra Equations and the Role of Education”. Thesis Supervisor: Professor F. Iozzi
2007-2012 High school Diploma (Scientific Diploma, “Liceo Scientifico A.Righi”, Cesena). Final grade: 100/100 cum laude

Awards and Scholarships 
2015-2016 Merit Award Full Tuition Scholarship, Bocconi University.
2012 Award for Excellence (100/100 cum laude) in my high school studies, MIUR.

Work Experience 
July-Sept 2015 Stage at “Telejato” (Partinico, Sicily), a local television station directed by Pino Maniaci, Italian journalist widely known for his anti-mafias reportage. I worked as apprentice-journalist and as newscaster. Some of our articles and reportages can be found at: www.telejato.it

English Proficient User, C1 level. IELTS Certificate, final grade: 7.5
French Very good user, B2 level; I have studied French as second foreign language for 5 years during high school. I have chosen French as second language during my Bachelor Studies at Bocconi University.

Computer Skills
ECDL (2013): Good command of Microsoft Office tools (Word™, Excel™ and PowerPoint™)
EViews, Stata: Independent User
NetLogo: Good command on NetLogo, an agent-based programming language that I have used to carry on a study related to my thesis topic.

Extra Curricular Activities
2015-Present Member of the association “Bocconi Students for Microfinance”. I periodically write articles on issues related to microfinance, which are then published on the blog: www.bocconimicrofinance.org 
2003-2014 Member of AGESCI (Association of Italian Catholic Guides and Scouts), Scout Group “La Fenice”.  I developed a very good ability to adapt to multicultural environments, gained through several experiences of Volunteering made with my Scout Group every year.

Other Skills and Interests
Other Skills and hobbies: writing, drawing, hiking, skiing.
2015-Present I have been attending a course of “Creative Writing” (Associazione Tea Percorsi attivi, Milano)


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