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  Alessandro Zona Mattioli
Email: alessandro.zonamattioli@gmail.com
Mentor: Jerome Adda

September 2015 - today: Master degree in Discipline Economiche e Sociali, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milan. GPA: 27,647/30. Credits: 51/180.
September 2015: Bachelor in Economics and Social Sciences, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milano. Final grade: 103/110. Final GPA: 27/30.
Agust 2014 – December 2014: Exchange Program at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
June 2012: high school degree in Classical Studies and Humanities at Liceo Classico Arnaldo, Brescia. 
June 2010 – December 2010: Exchange Program at Margaret River, Perth, Australia.
July 2009: Exchange Program at Rochester, Minnesota, USA.

Work Experience 
April 2016 – today Part-time field project for INPS, the main public social security institution in Italy.  
February 2016 – April 2016 Part-time field project for the Italian economist Filippo Taddei.
September 2013 – May 2014; February 2015 - June 2015: Private lessons and repetitions for high school students in ancient greek, latin, maths and geometry, Milan.

“Ttip: la scarsa trasparenza genera sospetto”, www.lavoce.info, 17/11/15.
“Lotta alla povertà: purché non sia solo un canto di Natale”, www.lavoce.info, 23/12/15 (coauthor).
“Come è cambiato il mercato del lavoro dopo il Jobs act”, www.lavoce.info, 22/01/2016 (coauthor).
“Jobs act, quanto conta la decontribuzione?”, www.lavoce.info,  16/02/2016 (main author).
“XV Rapporto Annuale”, INPS, July 2016 (coauthor) https://www.inps.it/docallegati/DatiEBilanci/rapportiannualiinps/Documents/INPS_rapporto_2016.pdf

English: Excellent (IELTS with score 7,5. December 2013) further practiced during my Exchange periods in English speaking countries.
French: Fluent (Bocconi exam with score 30 with laude/30. July 2015) additionally practiced numerous summer holidays in France.

Computer Skills
Microsoft Office pack (ECDL 2013): Good knowledge
Stata: Intermediate knowledge
Matlab, R: Basic Knowledge

Other Skills and Interests
November 2015 – today Member of the student association Tortuga, http://www.tortugaecon.eu/
During high school, organizer and collaborator in multiple cultural events, such as theatre groups, arts conferences and philosophical debate groups (particularly regarding the study of XX century ideologies) together with cultural journeys in Russia and Poland.
February 2015 - April 2015; February 2016 - April 2016 Attended two editions of a Geopolitics course organized By ISPI in Bocconi. 


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