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2017 Published Articles of IGIER Scholars

Alberto Alesina ( with B. Reich and A. Riboni), “Nation- Building, Nationalism and Wars”, EconPapers, January 2017

Guido Alfani (with G. Dalla Zuanna and A. Minello), “First signs of transition. The parallel decline of early baptism and early mortality in the province of Padua (North East Italy) 1816-1870”, Demographic Research, 2017,pp. 759-802

Guido Alfani, “The rich in historical perspective. Evidence for preindustrial Europe (ca. 1300-1800)”, Cliometrica, 11(3), 2017, pp. 321-348

Guido Alfani (with T. Murphy), “Plague and Lethal Epidemics in the Pre-Industrial World”, Journal of Economic History, 77(1), 2017, pp. 314-343

Guido Alfani (with F. Ammannati), “Long-term trends in economic inequality: the case of the Florentine State, ca. 1300-1800”, Economic History Review, 70 (4), 2017, pp. 1072-1102

Guido Alfani (with Isabelle Séguy), “La peste: bref état des connaissances actuelles”, Annales de Démographie historique, February 2017, pp. 15-38

Anna Battauz (with A. Sbuelz), “Non-Myopic Portfolio Choice with Unpredictable Returns: The Jump-to-Default Case”, European Journal of Financial Management, 2017

Anna Battauz (with M. De Donno and A. Sbuelz), “Reaching nirvana with a defaultable asset?”, Decisions in Economics and Finance, 2017

Valentina Bosetti (with A. Gambhir, L. Drouet, D. McCollum, T. Napp, D. Bernie, A. Hawkes, O. Fricko, P. Havlik, K. Riahi, and J. Lowe), "Assessing the Feasibility of Global Long-Term Temperature Change Mitigation Scenarios", Energies, 2017, 10(1): e89

Valentina Bosetti (with E. Weber, L. Berger, D. Budescu, N. Liu, and M. Tavoni), "COP21 Climate Negotiators. Responses to Climate Model Forecasts", Nature Climate Change, 2017, 7, 185-189, DOI: 10.1038/NCLIMATE3208

Valentina Bosetti (with E. Verdolini), "Environmental Policy and the International Diffusion of Cleaner Technologies for Power", Environmental and Resource Economics, 2017, 66(3), 497-536

Simone Cerreia Vioglio with Fabio Maccheroni and Massimo Marinacci, “Stochastic Dominance Analysis without the Independence Axiom”, Management Science, 2017, 63, 1097-1109

Massimiliano Croce (with R. Colacito, F. Gavazzoni, and R. Ready), "Currency Risk Factors in a Recursive Multi-Country Economy", Journal of Finance, 2017

Massimiliano Croce (with T. Nguyen, S. Raymond, and L. Schmid), "Government Debt and the Returns to Innovation", Journal of Financial Economics, 2017

Filippo De Marco, "Bank Lending and the European Sovereign debt Crisis", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, July 2017

Filippo De Marco and Elena Carletti (with V.Ioannidou, and E.Sette), "Banks as Patient Lenders: Evidence from a Tax Reform", Winner Klaus Liebscher Award 2017

Filippo De Marco (with M.Macchiavelli, and R.Valchev), "Beyond Home Bias: Portfolio Holdings and Information Heterogeneity", 2017

Francesco Decarolis (with A. Guglielmo), “Insurers Response to Selection Risk: Evidence from Medicare Enrollment Reforms”, Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 56, 2017, pp 383–396

Alfredo Di Tillio and Marco Ottaviani ( with P. N. Sorensen), “Persuasion Bias in Science: Can Economics Help?”, The Economic Journal, 127, October 2017, pp. F266-F304.

Alfredo Di Tillio (with Y. Chen, E. Faingold, and S. Xiong), “Characterizing the Strategic Impact of Misspecified Beliefs”, (Supplemental Appendix), The Review of Economic Studies, 84, October 2017, pp. 1424-1471

Alfredo Di Tillio, Nenad Kos (with M. Messner), “The Design of Ambiguous Mechanisms”, The Review of Economic Studies, 84, January 2017, pp. 237-276

Carlo Favero, Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi (with G. Azzalini and A. Miano), “Is it the How or the When that Matters in Fiscal Adjustments?”, IMF Economic Review, 2017

Carlo Favero (with E. Bisetti, G. Nocera and C. Tebaldi ), “A Multivariate Model of Strategic Asset Allocation with Longevity Risk”, Journal of financial and quantitative analysis, 2017

Viktar Fedaseyeu (with T. Chemmanur),  "A Theory of Corporate Boards and Forced CEO Turnover",  Management Science, June 27, 2017.

Chiara Fumagalli (with M. Motta), “On the use of price-cost tests in loyalty discounts: Which implications from economic theory?”, Antitrust Law Journal, 81, 501-549, 2017

Vincenzo Galasso and Tommaso Nannicini, “Political Selection under Alternative Electoral Rules”,   Public Choice, 2017, pp. 257–281 

Vincenzo Galasso (with P. Profeta, C. Pronzato and F. Billari), “Information and Women’s Intentions: Experimental Evidence About Child Care”, European Journal of Population, 2017, pp. 109–128

Nicola Gennaioli (with P.Bordalo, R. La Porta, and A. Shleifer), “Diagnostic Expectations and Stock Returns”, The Journal of Finance, September 2017

Pamela Giustinelli and Nicola Pavoni, “The Evolution of Awareness and Belief Ambiguity in the Process of High School Track Choice”, Review of Economic Dynamics, Vol. 25, 2017, pp. 93-120

Selim Gulesci (with O. Bandiera, R. Burgess, N. Das, I. Rasul and M. Sulaiman), “Labor Markets and Poverty in Village Economies”, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2017, 132(2): 811-870.

Thomas Le Barbanchon (with L. Davezies), “Regression Discontinuity Design with Continuous Measurement Error in the Running Variable”, Journal of Econometrics, 200(1), 2017

Thomas Le Barbanchon (with R. Rathelot and A. Roulet) “Unemployment Insurance and Reservation Wages: Evidence from administrative data”, Journal of Public Economics, May 17, 2017

Sara Lowes (with N. Nunn, J.A. Robinson, and J. Weigel), “The Evolution of Culture and Institutions: Evidence from the Kuba Kingdom”, Econometrica, July 2017, Vol. 85, No. 4, pp. 1065-1091

Fabio Maccheroni , Pierpaolo Battigalli, Simone Cerreia-Vioglio and  Massimo Marinacci, “Mixed extensions of decision problems under uncertainty”, Economic Theory, 63, 827-866, 2017.

Fabio Maccheroni, Simone Cerreia-Vioglio and Massimo Marinacci, “Hilbert A-Modules”, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 446, 970-1117, 2017.

Alberto Manconi (with E. Kempf,  and O. Spalt), “Distracted shareholders and corporate actions”, Review of Financial Studies 30, 1660–1695, 2017

Massimiliano Marcellino (with K. Aastveit, A. Carriero and T. Clark), "Have standard VARs remained stable since the crisis?" , Journal of Applied Econometrics, 32(5), 931–951, 2017

Massimiliano Marcellino (with L. Bencivelli and G. Moretti), "Selecting predictors by Bayesian model averaging in bridge models”, Empirical Economics, 2017, Volume 53(1), 21–40

Massimiliano Marcellino (with A. Banerjee and I. Masten), " Structural FECM: Cointegration in large-scale structural FAVAR models ", Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2017, 32(6), 1069–1086 

Massimiliano Marcellino (with C. Foroni e P. Guerin) “Explaining the time-varying effects of oil market shocks on U.S. stock returns”, Economics Letters, 155, 2017, 84-88

Massimo Morelli (with A. Dossi, F. Lecci and F. Longo), “Hospital acquisitions, parenting styles and management accounting change: an institutional perspective", SAGE Journals, 2017

Tommaso Nannicini (with M. Bordignon and G. Tabellini), “Single Round vs Runoff Elections under Plurality Rule: A Theoretical Analysis”, European Journal of Political Economy, 2017

Salvatore Nunnari (with R. Bowen and D. Baron), “Durable Coalitions and Communication: Public versus Private Negotiations”, Journal of Public Economics, 2017, 156: 1–13

Salvatore Nunnari (with J. Zapal), “Dynamic Elections and Ideological Polarization”, Political Analysis, 2017, 25(4): 505–534

Marco Ottaviani (with E. Henry), “Research and Approval Process: The Organization of Persuasion”, American Economic Review, March 2017

Nicola Pavoni (with H. Yazici), “Intergenerational Disagreement and Optimal Taxation of Parental Transfers”, Review of Economic Studies, July 2017, 84(3)

Paolo Pin and Fernando Vega-Redondo (with M. Bonds, C. Brummitt, K. Huremovic), “Contagious disruptions and complexity traps in economic development”, Nature Human Behaviour 1, 2017, 665-672

Paolo Pin (with E. Weidenholzer and S. Weidenholzer), “Constrained Mobility and the Evolution of Efficient Outcomes”, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 82, 2017, 165-175

Paolo Pin (with Y. Li and P. Luo), “Utility-Based Model for Exploring and Understanding the Evolution of Social Media Networks”, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems 99, 20 

Igor Pruenster (with A. Canale, A. Lijoi, B. Nipoti), “On the Pitman-Yor process with spike and slab base measure”,  Biometrika, 104, 2017, 681-697

Igor Pruenster (with F. Camerlenghi and A. Lijoi ), “Bayesian prediction with multiple-samples information”, Journal of Multivariariate Analysis, 156, 2017, 18-28

Igor Pruenster (with A. Canale), “Robustifying Bayesian nonparametric mixtures for count data”, Biometrics, 73, 2017, 174-184

Igor Pruenster (with J. Arbel), „A moment-matching Ferguson & Klass algorithm”,  Statistics and Computing, 27, 2017, 3-17

Barbara Rindi (with S. Buti and I. Werner), “Dark Pool Trading Strategies, Market Quality and Welfare”, Journal of Financial Economics, 1st May 2017

Luca Sala (with M. Forni, L. Gambetti and M.Lippi), “Noisy News in Business Cycles”, American Economic Journals: Macroeconomics, 2017, vol. 9(4), pp. 122-152

Luca Sala (with M. Forni, L. Gambetti and M. Lippi), “Noise Bubbles”, The Economic Journal, 2017, vol. 127(604), pp. 1940-1976

Julien Sauvagnat (with S. Pouget and S. Villeneuve), “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Change: Confirmatory Bias in Financial Markets”, Review of Financial Studies, 30(6), 2066-2109, 2017

Guido Tabellini and Alberto Alesina (with F. Trebbi), “Is Europe and Optimal Political Area?”,  Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 2017

Guido Tabellini (with F. Passarelli), “Emotions and Political Unrest”, Journal of Political Economy, 2017 

Guido Tabellini (with A. Greif), “The Clan and the Corporation: Sustaining Cooperation in China and Europe”, Journal of Comparative Economics 45, 2017, 1–35

Claudio Tebaldi (with F. Bandi, B. Perron and A.Tamoni), “The Scale of Predictability”, Journal of Econometrics, 21st September 2017

Claudio Tebaldi and Carlo Favero (with E. Bisetti and G. Nocera) “A Multivariate Model of Strategic Asset Allocation with Longevity Risk”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 52, October 2017, Cambridge University Press

Antonella Trigari, “Comment on global liquidity and cross- border bank flows”, Economic Policy, 32(89), February 2017, pp. 118-122

Fernando Vega- Redondo (with A. Cabrales and P. Gottardi), “Risk-sharing and contagion in networks,” The Review of Financial Studies 30, 2017 

Hannes Wagner (with M. Becht, J. Franks, and J. Grant), “Returns to Hedge Fund Activism: An International Study”, Review of Financial Studies, 30, 2017, 2933-297 

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