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 2018 Published Articles of IGIER Scholars

Guido Alfani (with M. Bonetti),“A survival analysis of the last great European plagues: The case of Nonantola (Northern Italy) in 1630”, Population Studies, 2018

Guido Alfani (with M. Percoco),“Plague and Long-Term Development: the Lasting Effects of the 1629-30 Epidemic on the Italian Cities.”, Economic History Review, 2018

Guido Alfani (with V. Gourdon, C. Munno and I. Robin),  “Parrainage et compérage: de nouveaux outils au service d’une histoire sociale des espaces européens et coloniaux”, Histoire, Economie et Société, n. 4/2018, pp. 4-17 

Guido Alfani (with L. Hong, M. Bonetti and C. Gigliarano),“Giniinc: A Stata package for measuring inequality from incomplete income and survival data”, Stata Journal, 18(3), 2018, pp. 692-715 

Guido Alfani (with C. Ó Gráda), “The timing and causes of famines in Europe”, Nature Sustainability, 1, 2018, pp. 283-288 

Sarah Auster (with P. Gottardi), ”Competing Mechanisms in Markets for Lemons,” Theoretical Economics, December  2018

Sarah Auster, ”Robust Contracting Under Common Value Uncertainty,” Theoretical Economics, Vol 13, January 2018, pp. 175-204

Elena Carletti (with F. Allen, I. Goldstein and A. Leonello), “Government Guarantees and Financial Stability”, Journal of Economic Theory, May 20, 2018

Simone Cerreia Vioglio (with D. Dillenberger, P. Ortoleva, and G. Riella), “Deliberately Stochastic”, American Economic Review, December 2nd 2018

Simone Cerreia Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni and Massimo Marinacci, “A Characterization of Probabilities with Full Support in Metric Spaces and its Implications for Laplace Method”, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, June 27, 2018

Simone Cerreia Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni, and Massimo Marinacci (with A. Giarlotta, S. Greco),“Rational Preference and Rationalizable Choice”, Economic Theory, October  19, 2018

Simone Cerreia  Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni and Massimo Marinacci (with L. Montrucchio), “Commutativity, Comonotonicity, and Choquet Integration of Self-adjoint Operators”, Reviews in Mathematical Physics, 30, 10, 1850016,2018

Alessandra Cillo (with E. Borgonovo and C.L. Smith), “On the Relationship between Safety and Decision Significance”, Risk Analysis, January 31st 2018

Massimiliano Croce (with R. Colacito, S. Ho and P. Howard), BKK the EZ Way", American Economic Review, Vol. 108, Issue 11, 2018

Massimiliano Croce (with R. Colacito and Z. Liu), "Recursive allocations and wealth distribution with multiple goods", Quantitative Economics, 2018

Massimiliano Croce (with H. Ai,  A. Diercks, and K. Li), "News Shocks and Production-Based Term Structure of Equity Returns", Review of Financial Studies, Leading Article (Editor’s Choice), 2018, Volume 31(7)

Filippo De Marco, “Bank Lending and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, September 25, 2018

Francesco Decarolis, “Comparing Public Procurement Auctions”,  International Economic Review, Vol. 59, No. 2, May 2018

Carlo Favero, Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi, “What do we know about the effects of austerity?”, American Economic Association Paper and Proceedings, 108, May 2018, pp. 524-530

Viktar Fedaseyeu and Hannes Wagner (with J. Linck), “Do Qualifications Matter? New Evidence on Board Functions and Director Compensation”, Journal of Corporate Finance, 48, February 2018, pp. 816–839

Viktar Fedaseyeu (with Vitaliy Strohush), “A Theory of Inefficient College Entry and Excessive Student Debt”, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 18(1), January 23rd 2018

Vincenzo Galasso (with P. Profeta), “When the state mirrors the family: The design of pension systems”, Journal of the European Economic Association, 2018

Nicola Gennaioli (with P.Bordalo, R. La Porta, and A. Shleifer), “Diagnostic Expectations and Stock Returns”, The Journal of Finance, July 10, 2018

Nicola Gennaioli (with P. Bordalo, K. Coffman, and A. Shleifer), “Beliefs About Gender”,  American Economic Review, August 2018

Nicola Gennaioli and Stefano Rossi (with A. Martin), “Banks, Government Bonds, and Default: What Do the Data Say?”,  Journal of Monetary Economics, April 2018

Francesco Giavazzi, Alberto Alesina and Carlo Favero (with G.  Azzalini, A. Miano), “Is it the How or the When that Matters in Fiscal Adjustments?”, IMF Economic Review, Vol. 66, 2018, pp. 144-188

Francesco Giavazzi, Alberto Alesina and Carlo Favero,  “A new study offers more evidence that cutting spending is less harmful to growth than raising taxes”, Intermational Monetary Fund, Finance & Development, March 2018

Pamela Giustinelli (with C.F. Manski), “Survey Measures of Family Decision Processes for Econometric Analysis of Schooling Decisions”, Economic Inquiry, Vol. 56, Issue 1, 2018, pp. 81-99

Selim Gulesci (with E. Meyersson, S. Trommlerova), “The Effect of Compulsory Schooling Expansion on Mothers' Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence in Turkey”, World Bank Economic Review, June 12, 2018

Selim Gulesci (with O. Bandiera, N. Buehren, R. Burgess, M. Goldstein, I. Rasul, M. Sulaiman ),” Women's Empowerment in Action: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial in Africa”, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, December 2018

Selim Gulesci,  “Forced Migration and Attitudes towards Domestic Violence: Evidence from Turkey”, Oxford University Press, 2018

Nenad Kos (with M. Messner), “Optimal selling mechanisms under moment conditions”, Journal of economic theory, 2018 

Eliana La Ferrara (with M. Harari), “Conflict, Climate and Cells: A Disaggregated Analysis”, Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 100(4), 2018, pp. 594-608

Sara Lowes (with L. van Dorp, J. Weigel, N. Ansari-Pour, S. López, J. Mendoza-Revilla, J. A. Robinson, J. Henrich, M.G. Thomas, N. Nunn, and G. Hellenthal), “The Genetic Legacy of State Centralization in the Kuba Kingdom of the Democratic Republic of the Congo ”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, December 2018

Fabio Maccheroni and Massimo Marinacci (with E. Borgonovo and V. Cappelli), "Risk analysis and decision theory: A bridge", European Journal of Operational Research, 264, 2018, 280-293

Alberto Manconi (with U. Peyer and T. Vermaelen), “Are buybacks good for long–term shareholder value? Evidence from buybacks around the world”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2018

Massimiliano Marcellino (with A. Abbate),"Point, interval and density forecasts of exchange rates with time varying parameter models", Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, 181(1), 2018, 155-179

Massimiliano Marcellino (with R. Casarin, C. Foroni and F. Ravazzolo),  “Macroeconomic Uncertainty Through the Lenses of A Mixed-Frequency Panel Markov Switching Model”, Annals of Applied Statistics, 12(4), 2018, pp. 2559-2586

Massimo Marinacci (with F. Severino), “Weak Time-Derivatives and No-Arbitrage Pricing”,  Finance and Stochastics, 22, 2018, 1007-1036

Tommaso Monacelli and Roberto Perotti (with F. Bilbiie), "Is Government Spending at the Zero Lower Bound Desirable?" , American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, July 2018

Tommaso Nannicini (with A.C. Eggers, R. Freier, V. Grembi), “Regression Discontinuity Designs Based on Population Thresholds: Pitfalls and Solutions”, American Journal of Political Science, 2018

Nicola Pavoni (with V. Ercolani), “The Precautionary Saving Effect of Government Consumption”, BE Journal of Macroeconomics (Frontiers), October 30, 2018

Nicola Pavoni (with C. Sleet and M. Messner), “The Dual Approach to Recursive Optimization: Theory and Examples”,  Econometrica, 2018

Paolo Pin (with E. Carroni and S. Righi), “Bring a friend! Privately or Publicly?”, Management Science, 2018

Paolo Pin (with Y. Li and G. Liu), “Network-based Risk Measurements for Interbank Systems”, PLoS ONE 13(7), 2018

Paolo Pin (with L. Boncinelli), “The Stochastic Stability of Decentralized Matching on a Graph”, Games and Economic Behavior  108, 2018, pp. 239-244

Paolo Pin (with S. Di Falco, F. Feri and X. Vollenweider), “Ties that Bind: Network Redistributive Pressure and Economic Decisions in Village Economies”,  Journal of Development Economics 123, 2018, pp. 123-131

Michele Polo (with V. Denicolò), “Duplicative research, mergers and innovation”, Economics Letters – ELSEVIER, February 23, 2018

Igor Pruenster (with M. Anzarut, R. H. Mena, C. Nava), “Poisson-driven stationary Markov models”, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 36, 2018, pp.  684-694

Igor Pruenster (with F. Camerlenghi, A.  Lijoi), “Bayesian nonparametric inference beyond the Gibbs-type framework”,  Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 45, 2018, pp. 1062-1091

Luca Sala (with M. Forni and L. Gambetti), “Structural VARs and Non-invertible Macroeconomic Models”, Journal of Applied Econometrics, October 23, 2018

Antonella Trigari, Discussion of "Fiscal Consolidation in a Low-Inflation Environment: Pay Cuts versus Lost Jobs by Guilherme Bandeira, Evi Pappa, Rana Sajedi, and Eugenia Vella”,  International journal of central banking, 2018

Antonella Trigari, Discussion of "Can appreciation be expansionary? Evidence from the euro area by Philip R. Lane and Livio Stracca”, Economic policy, 2018

Diego Ubfal (with P. Dupas, D. Karlan, J. Robinson), “Banking the Unbanked? Evidence from three countries”, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, April 1st 2018

Fernando Vega- Redondo (with A. Polanski), "Coalition bargaining in repeated games", International Economic Review, 2018

Fernando Vega- Redondo (with G. Duernecker), "Social networks and the process of globalization", The Review of Economic Studies 85, 2018

Fernando Vega- Redondo (with A. Polanski), "Bargaining friction in trading networks”,  The B. E. Journal of Theoretical Economics 18, 2018, 1935-1704 

Hannes Wagner and Viktar Fedaseyeu (with J. Linck), "Do Qualifications Matter? New Evidence on Board Functions and Director Compensation", Journal of Corporate Finance, 48(2018), 816-839

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