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In memoriam: Alberto Alesina (1957-2020)

IGIER mourns the loss of Alberto Alesina, who passed away on May 23rd. Alberto was an IGIER visiting Fellow. An Alumnus of Bocconi, he obtained a BA in Discipline Economiche e Sociali in 1981, and received his PhD from Harvard University in 1986. He joined Carnegie Mellon in 1986, and then returned to Harvard in 1988, where he was a Professor of Economics since 1993. His work has shaped economics research, playing an essential role in the creation of the field of Political Economics. His intellectual legacy will be furthered by his many students, colleagues, and friends. Alberto was an important contributor to IGIER’s intellectual life and a great mentor to our students. We will sorely miss him.

In memory of Alberto Alesina, by Francesco Giavazzi, Guido Tabellini, Beatrice Weder di Mauro



Last updated May 28, 2020