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 2018 Job Market Seminars

The Departments of Decision Sciences, Economics, and Finance of Bocconi University invite faculty and students to the following job market seminars: 

Enrico Berkes (Northwestern)
Seminar title: Income Segregation and Rise of the Knowledge Economy
Date: Jan. 19 Time: 12.30 Room: 5-E4-Sr04 (Economics)
Benjamin Marx (MIT) 
Seminar title: Elections as Incentives: Project Completion and Visibility in African Politics 
Date: January 22nd Time: 12.30 Room: 5-E4-Sr04 (Economics)
Michael Koenig (University of Zurich)
Seminar title:Network Formation with Local Complements and Global Substitutes: The Case of R&D Networks
Date: Jan 23 Time: 12:30 Room: 3.e4.sr03 (DEC)
Arjada Bardhi (Northwestern)
Seminar title: Optimal Discovery and Influence Through Selective Sampling
Date: January 25th Time: 12.30 Room: 5-E4-Sr04 (Economics)
James Best (Oxford)
Seminar title: Persuasion for the Long Run 
Date: January 26th Time: 12.30 Room: 5-E4-Sr04 (Economics)
Eduardo Montero (Harvard)
Seminar title: Cooperative Property Rights and Agricultural Development: Evidence from Land Reform in El Salvador
Date: January 30th Time: 12.30 Room: 5-E4-Sr04 (Economics)
Kirill Borusyak (Harvard)
Seminar title: The Distributional Effects of Trade: Theory and Evidence from the United States
Date: January 31st Time: 12.30 Room: 5-E4-Sr04 (Economics) 
Daniel Rappoport (Columbia University)
Seminar title:Evidence and Skepticism in Verifiable Disclosure Games
Date: Feb. 1 Time: 12:30 Room: 3.e4.sr03 (DEC)

Daniel Fershtman (Northwestern University)
Seminar title:Dynamic Delegation: Specialization and Favoritism
Date: Feb. 2 Time: 12:30 Room:3.e4.sr03 (DEC)
Abdoulaye Ndiaye (Northwestern)
Seminar title: Flexible Retirement and Optimal Taxation
Date: Feb. 5th Time: 12.30 Room: 5-E4-Sr04  (Economics)
Jean Jacques Mitchell Forneron (Columbia)
Seminar title: A Sieve-SMM Estimator for Dynamic Models
Date: Feb. 6th Time: 12.30 Room: 5-E4-Sr04  (Economics)
Molly Schnell (Princeton)
Seminar title: Physician Behavior in the Presence of a Secondary Market: The Case of Prescription Opioids
Date: Feb. 12th Time: 12.30 Room: 5-E4-Sr04 (Economics)
Elmar Plischke (Clausthal University of Technology)
Seminar title:tbd
Date: Feb. 8 Time: 12:30 Room:3.e4.sr03 (DEC)


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