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What’s IGIER and What’s BIDSA
Please visit the IGIER and BIDSA websites for the description of the research centers’ mission and activities
Visiting Students Initiative: Objectives and Description
Students are one of Bocconi most important assets. IGIER and BIDSA invite students enrolled in the MSc in Economic and Social Sciences,the MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics, and the MSc in Finance who are strongly interested in pursuing a research career (e.g., in universities, ECB, IMF, tech companies, OECD, World Bank, etc) to join the two research centers. Students are expected to actively participate in the centers’ activities (e.g., reading groups, seminars, etc). Individual mentors chosen among the IGIER and BIDSA scholars will supervise students’ research activities.
Upon request, the Visiting Student Initiative can be converted into a “stage curriculare” (Progetto sul Campo) and earn academic credits. Students enrolled in this initiative cannot simultaneously spend a semester or a year abroad in one of Bocconi’s exchange or double-degree programs. 
Students who, in September 2021, have enrolled in the first year of one of the three MSc programs listed above can apply to this call. Candidates should have never been subject to academic disciplinary procedure for inappropriate academic conduct during the undergraduate and MSc programs.
Students admitted will join IGIER and BIDSA from mid-March 2022 to July 2023 (that is, for 3 semesters). 
Application Submission Rules
Please read carefully the following instructions. Applications lacking one or more requirements will not be considered. Applications should be submitted electronically through this online form:
The file required in item 18 in the above link should provide the following documents in one single PDF:
1. Curriculum vitae (download the template HERE and use this template ONLY!);
2. Grade transcripts for the Bachelor degree including the graduation grade («voto di laurea»); you do not need to submit official grade transcripts, it is sufficient to submit a copy of the transcripts.
3. Grade transcripts (from “punto blu”) for the MSc degree. 
4. A brief (one-page at most) statement of purpose using the template in THIS LINK.
To be considered for the selection process, applications should be received by Monday, February 21, 2022 at 10 PM. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
Selection Process
A selection committee consisting of IGIER and BIDSA scholars will review the applications. Candidates selected for the Visiting Students Initiative will be notified by March 10, 2022



Last updated October 7, 2022