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2020-2021 VSI Seminar Series

On a regular basis the Visiting Students, divided in groups, organize meetings and seminars on different topics. In these workshops, the IGIER visiting students discuss their research ideas or invite faculty members to present their work or talk about their experience as students and researchers. 

Below please find the calendar of the events of spring semester (regularly updated). Here you can find the list of seminars held during the fall semester 2020.

09 February Applied Econ. Jing Ren (VSI)
   "Social image and economic behavior in the field: Identifying, understanding, and shaping social pressure." by Bursztyn, Leonardo, and Robert Jensen
15 February Applied Econ. Jakob Wall (VSI)
  "Crime Is in the Air: The Contemporaneous Relationship between Air Pollution and Crime" by M.Bondy - "The Long-Run Economic Consequences of High-Stakes Examinations: Evidence from Transitory Variation in Pollution" by A. Ebestein
16 February MacroFinance Alessandro Palucci (VSI)
  "Immigration, Growth and Unemployment: Panel VAR Evidence from OECD Countries" by Boubtane E., Coulibaly D. and Rault C.
22 February Micro-Theory Tommaso Crosta (VSI)
  "Salience Theory of Chioce"
25 February MacroFinance prof. Fulvio Ortu
  "A persistence-based Wold-type decomposition for stationary time series" (with Severino F. , Tamoni A. e Tebaldi C.)
26 February Applied Econ. Clara Morelli (VSI)
  "Effects of merging the italian constitutional referendum of 2020 with other elections", brief report by Francesco Armillei, Enrico Cavallotti, Luisa Pomarici for Tortuga Think Tank
02 March MacroFinance Mohammad Pourmohammadi (VSI)
  "Applications of Time Frequency Decompositions"
05 March Applied Econ. Sviatoslav Tiupin (VSI)
  “Unintended Effects of Anonymous Résumés” by Luc Behaghel, Bruno CrÉpon, and Thomas Le Barbanchon
08 March Micro-Theory Alexei Verkhovtsev (VSI)
  "The limits of arbitrage"
09 March MacroFinance Gael Blanchard (VSI)
  "Measuring the effects of Monetary Policy: A Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregressive (FAVAR) approach" by Bernanke B., Boivin J., and Eliasz P.
15 March  Micro-Theory  prof. Pierpaolo Battigalli 
  "Selfconfirming Equilibria in Network Games"
23 March  MacroFinance Roberto Colarieti (VSI)
  "Understanding HANK: Insights From a PRANK" by Acharya, S. and Dogra, K.
29 March Micro-Theory Gabriele Romano (VSI)
  "Audi Alteram Partem: An Experiment on Selective Exposure to Information" by Montanari and Nunnari
30 March MacroFinance Lucas Blasius (VSI)
  "The constraint on public debt when r<g but g<m" by Reis, R.
31 March AppliedEcon prof. Paolo Pinotti
  "Organized crime, violence, and politics" by Alesina, Alberto, Salvatore Piccolo, and Paolo Pinotti

07   April

AppliedEcon Giovanna Ariel Ventre (VSI)
  "Infectious disease and sir model analysis"
12  April  Micro-Theory prof. Nicola Gennaioli 
  "Memory and probabilistic judgments"
Micro Theory Benedetta Bruni (VSI)
  "Learning through the Grapevine: The Impact of Noise and the Breadth and Depth of Social Networks" by Matthew O. Jackson, Suraj Malladi and David McAdams
20 April MacroFinance Alexei Verkhovtsev (VSI)
  "Are Intermediary Constraints Priced?" by Du W. , Hebert B.and Huber A.


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