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2007 IGIER Working Papers

330. Guido Tabellini
•  Institutions and Culture

329. Carlo A. Favero
•  The Econometrics of Monetary Policy: an Overview

328. Guido Tabellini
•  The Scope of Cooperation: values and incentives

327. Carlo A. Favero
•  Model Evaluation in Macroeconometrics: from early empirical macroeconomic models to DSGE models

326. Martina Björkman
•  Does Money Matter for Student Performance? Evidence from a Grant Program in Uganda

325. Laura Bottazzi, Marco Da Rin and Thomas Hellmann
•  The Importance of Trust for Investment: Evidence from Venture Capital

324. Agostino Consolo, Carlo A. Favero and Alessia Paccagnini
•  On the Statistical Identification of DSGE Models

323. Carlo Favero, Marco Pagano and Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden
•  How Does Liquidity Affect Government Bond Yields?

322. Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini
•  The growth effect of democracy: Is it heterogenous and how can it be estimated?

321. Alejandro Cuñat and Marco Maffezzoli
•  Specialization Patterns and the Factor Bias of Technology

320. Andrea Carriero and Massimiliano Marcellino
•  Sectoral Survey-based Confidence Indicators for Europe

319. Andrea Carriero and Massimiliano Marcellino
•  Monitoring the Economy of the Euro Area: A Comparison of Composite Coincident Indexes

318. Carlo Favero, Linlin Niu and Luca Sala
•  Term Structure Forecasting: No-arbitrage Restrictions vs. Large Information Set

317. Carlo Favero and Francesco Giavazzi
•  Debt and the Effects of Fiscal Policy

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