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2009 IGIER Working Papers

357. Avner Greif and Guido Tabellini
•  Cultural and Institutional Bifurcation: China and Europe Compared

356. Fernanda Brollo, Tommaso Nannicini, Roberto Perotti and Guido Tabellini
•  The Political Resource Curse

355. Francesco Giavazzi and Michael McMahon
•  Policy Uncertainty and Precautionary Savings

354. Pietro Garibaldi, Francesco Giavazzi, Andrea Ichino and Enrico Rettore
•  College cost and time to complete a degree: Evidence from tuition discontinuities

353. Francesco Giavazzi, Fabio Schiantarelli and Michel Serafinelli
•  Culture, Policies and Labor Market Outcomes

352. Andreas Billmeier and Tommaso Nannicini
•  Yes You Can, Can’t You? A Statistical Comparison of Economic Liberalizations Around the World

351. Pierpaolo Battigalli and Amanda Friedenberg
•  Context-Dependent Forward Induction Reasoning

350. Carlo Favero and Francesco Giavazzi
•  How large are the effects of tax changes?

349. Giovanni Immordino, Marco Pagano and Michele Polo
•  Incentives to Innovate and Social Harm: Laissez-Faire, Authorization or Penalties?

348. Massimo Bordignon , Tommaso Nannicini and Guido Tabellini
•  Moderating Political Extremism: Single Round vs Runoff Elections under Plurality Rule


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