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Economic Theory Group

Our group fosters interactions among IGIER scholars working in Decision Theory, Economics and Social Networks, Experimental Economics, Environmental Economics, Game Theory, Mechanism Design, and Mathematical Finance. The goal is to develop models to study the way individuals make decisions, as well as strategic interactions among individuals, households, and firms, and to test theories through lab experiments.

Sarah Auster     Pierpaolo Battigalli     Valentina Bosetti     Simone Cerreia-Vioglio
Alessandra Cillo     Alfredo Di Tillio     Nenad Kos     Fabio Maccheroni
Massimo Marinacci     Mattias Messner     Joshua Miller     Marco Ottaviani
Paolo Pin     Fernando Vega-Redondo            

Theory and experiments seminar series
de Finetti risk seminar


Last updated March 7, 2017