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2010 IGIER Working Papers

374. Elsa Artadi, Martina Bjorkman, and Eliana La Ferrara
•  Factors of Vulnerability to Human Trafficking and Prospects for Reintegration of Former Victims. Evidence from the Philippines

373. Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci and Doriana Ruffino
•  Alpha as Ambiguity: Robust Mean-Variance Portfolio Analysis

372. Michele Pellizzari and Giovanni Pica
•  Liberalizing Professional Services: Evidence from Italian Lawyers

371. Sabrina Buti, Barbara Rindi,and Ingrid M. Werner
•  Dynamic Dark Pool Trading Strategies in Limit Order Markets

370. Junye Lia, Carlo Favero and Fulvio Ortu
•  A Spectral Estimation of Tempered Stable Stochastic Volatility Models and Option Pricing

369. Francesco Billari and Vincenzo Galasso
•  What explains fertility? Evidence from Italian pension reforms

368. Vincenzo Galasso and Tommaso Nannicini
•  Competing on Good Politicians

367. Carlo A. Favero and Andrea Tamoni
•  Demographics and the Econometrics of the Term Structure of Stock Market Risk

366. Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci and Luigi Montrucchio
•  Signed Integral Representations of Comonotonic Additive Functionals

365. Luca Sala, Ulf Soderstrom and Antonella Trigari
•  The Output Gap, the Labor Wedge, and the Dynamic Behavior of Hours

364. Tommy E. Murphy
•  Old Habits Die Hard (Sometimes) Can département heterogeneity tell us something about the French fertility decline?

363. Tommy E. Murphy
•  Persistence of Malthus or Persistence in Malthus? Mortality, Income, and Marriage in the French Fertility Decline of the Long Nineteenth Century

362. Katja Maria Kaufmann
•  Understanding the Income Gradient in College Attendance in Mexico: The Role of Heterogeneity in Expected Returns

361. Carlo A. Favero and Francesco Giavazzi
•  Reconciling VAR-based and Narrative Measures of the Tax-Multiplier

360. Carlo A. Favero, Arie E. Gozluklu and Andrea Tamoni
•  Demographic Trends, the Dividend-Price Ratio and the Predictability of Long-Run Stock Market Returns

359. Nenad Kos and Matthias Messner
•  External Incentive Compatible Transfers

358. Fernanda Brollo and Tommaso Nannicini
•  Tying Your Enemy's Hands in Close Races: The Politics of Federal Transfers in Brazil

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