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    2020 IGIER Working Papers

673. Alberto and Fabio Maccheroni
• STRANGER DUNGEONS - 2d6 variant rules for Swords & Wizardry

672. Marco Ottaviani
• Grantmaking

671. Laurent Cavenaile, Pau Roldan-Blanco, Tom Schmitz
• International Trade and Innovation Dynamics with Endogenous Markups

670. Fausto Panunzi, Nicola Pavoni, Guido Tabellini
• Economic Shocks and Populism: The Political Implications of Reference-Dependent Preferences

669. Helios Herrera, Massimo Morelli, Salvatore Nunnari
• A Theory of Power Wars

668. Simone Cerreia Vioglio, Lars Peter Hansen, Fabio Maccheroni and Massimo Marinacci
• Making Decisions under Model Misspecification

667. Silvio Contessi, Pierangelo De Pace, Massimo Guidolin
• Mildly Explosive Dynamics in U.S. Fixed Income Markets

666. Loïc Berger, Nicolas Berger, Valentina Bosetti, Itzhak Gilboa, Lars Peter Hansen, Christopher Jarvis,Massimo Marinacci, Richard D. Smith
• Uncertainty and decision-making during a crisis: How to make policy decisions in the COVID-19 context?

665. Nicola Limodio
• Terrorism Financing, Recruitment and Attacks

664. Vincenzo Galasso, Tommaso Nannicini, Salvatore Nunnari
• Positive Spillovers from Negative Campaigning

663. Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci
• Multinomial logit processes and preference discovery: outside and inside the black box

662. Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, Roberto Corrao, Giacomo Lanzani
 Robust Opinion Aggregation and its Dynamics

661. Arnstein Aassve, Guido Alfani, Francesco Gandolfi, Marco Le Moglie
• Epidemics and Trust: The Case of the Spanish Flu

660. Roberto Riccò, Barbara Rindi, Duane J. Seppi
• Information, Liquidity, and Dynamic Limit Order Markets

659. Francesco Giavazzi, Felix Iglhaut, Giacomo Lemoli and Gaia Rubera
• Terrorist Attacks, Cultural Incidents and the Vote for Radical Parties: Analyzing Text from Twitter

658. Mehmet Ekmekci and Nenad Kos
• Signaling Covertly Acquired Information

Last updated October 22, 2020