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2001 IGIER Working Papers

208. Favero C.A. and Marcellino M.
•  Large Datasets, Small Models and Monetary Policy in Europe

207. Albanesi S.
•  The Time Consistency of Optimal Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents

206. Pennings E.
•  Optimal pricing and quality choice when investment in quality is irreversible

205. Pennings E.
•  How to Maximize Domestic Benefits from Irreversible Foreign Investments

204. Manasse P., Stanca L. and Turrini A.   
•  Wage Premia and Skill Upgrading in Italy: Why didn´t the Hound Bark?

203. Artis M., Banerjee A. and Marcellino M.
•  Factor forecasts for the UK

202. Aura S.
•  Does the Balance of Power Within a Family Matter?The Case of the Retirement Equity Act

201. Marcellino M., Stock J.H. and Watson M.W.       
•  Macroeconomic Forecasting in the Euro Area: Country Specific versus Area-Wide Information             

200. Favero C. A. and Rovelli R.
•  Macroeconomic stability and the preferences of the Fed. A formal analysis, 1961-98

199. Albanesi S.
•  Inflation and Inequality

198. Albanesi S., Chari V.V., Christiano L. J.
•  Expectation Traps and Monetary Policy

197. Aiolfi M., Favero C. A., Primiceri G.
•  Recursive `thick´ modeling of excess returns and portfolio allocation

196. Favero C. A., Milani F.
•  Parameters´ Instability, Model Uncertainty and Optimal Monetary Policy

195. Favero C. A.
•  Taylor Rules and the Term Structure

194. Conde-Ruiz J., Galasso V.
•  The Macroeconomic of Early Retirement

193. La Ferrara E.
•  Ethnicity and Reciprocity: A model of Credit Transactions in Ghana

192. Ichino A., Polo M. and Rettore E.
•  Are Judges Biased by Labor Market Conditions?

191. Siniscalchi M.
•  Vector-Adjusted Expected Utility

190. Battigalli P.and Siniscalchi M.
•  Rationalizable Bidding in General First-Price Auctions

189. Persson T.and Tabellini G.
•  Political Institutions and Policy Outcomes: What are the Stylized Facts?

188. Marcellino M. and Mizon G.E.
•  Small system modelling of real wages, inflation, unemployment and output per capita in Italy 1970-1994

187. Blanchard O. and Giavazzi F.
•  Macroeconomic effects of regulation and deregulation in goods and labor markets

186. Banerjee A., Marcellino M. and Osbat C.
•  Testing for PPP: Should We Use Panel Methods?

185. Krolzig H.M., Marcellino M. and Mizon G.E.
•  A Markov-Switching Vector Equilibrium Correction Model of the UK Labour Market

184. Bethencourt C. and Galasso V.
•  On the Political Complementarity between Health Care and Social Security

183. Cuñat A. and Maffezzoli M.
•  Growth and Interdependence under Complete Specialization

182. Persson T., Tabellini G. and Trebbi F.
•  Electoral Rules and Corruption

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