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1998 IGIER Working Papers

144. Polo M.
•  Electoral competition and political rents

143. Marcellino M.
•  Further Results on MSFE Encompassing

142. Artis M. and Marcellino M.
•  Fiscal Solvency and Fiscal Forecasting in Europe

141. Gallo G. M. and Marcellino M.
•  Ex Post and Ex Ante Analysis of Provisional Data

140. Manasse P. and Turrini A.
•  Trade, Wages and "Superstars"

139. Peri G.
•  Technological Growth and Economic Geography

138. Peri G.
•  Human Capital and Productivity in US Cities

137. Persson T. and Tabellini G.
•  The size and the scope of government: Comparative politics with rational politicians

136. Giavazzi F., Jappelli T. and Pagano M.
•  Searching for Non-Keynesian Effects of Fiscal Policy

135. Bagliano F.C. and Favero C.A.
•  Information from financial markets and VAR measures of monetary policy

134. Motta M. and Polo M.
•  Product differentiation and endogenous mode of competition

133. Bagliano F.C., Favero C.A. and Franco F.
•  Measuring Monetary Policy in Open Economies

132. Bagliano F.C. and Favero C.A.
•  Measuring Monetary Policy with VAR models: an Evaluation

131. Wagenvoort R. and Waldmann R.
•  On B-Robust Instrumental Variable Estimation of the Linear Model

130. Soares J.
•  Altruism and Self-interest in a Political Economy of Public Education

129. Perera Tallo F.
•  The Declining Share of Raw Labor

128. Bottazzi L. and Manasse P.
•  Workers´ versus Bankers´ Europe (II): Policy Externalities and Credibility in EMU

127. Bottazzi L. and Manasse P.
•  Workers´ versus Bankers´ Europe (I): Asymmetric Information in EMU

126. Perera Tallo F.
•  Differences in Growth with International Capital Markets and Financial Innovation

125. Castanheira M.
•  Why Vote for Losers?

124. Daveri F. and Faini R.
•  Where do migrants go?

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