Sponsored by IEP and IGIER

All seminars are held in Room 32, third floor, Via Sarfatti 25,
from 12:45 pm to 2:30 pm, unless otherwise indicated. 


Wednesday, January 12     
Oliver Blanchard (MIT)                  5:00pm
"The design of unemployment insurance and employment protection" joint with Jean Tirole

Tuesday, January 18
Alejandro Cunat (University of Essex and LSE)
"Labor Market Flexibility and Comparative Advantage"

Thursday, January 20
Giuseppe Nicoletti (OECD)
"Do regulatory reforms in product and labour markets promote employment? Evidence from OECD countries" joint with Stefano Scarpetta (World Bank)

Job Market Seminars


Job Market Seminars

Thursday, February 3
Olivier Jeanne (IMF)
"Structuring and Restructuring Sovereign Debt: The Role of Seniority" joint with Patrick Bolton (Princeton University)

Thursday, February 24
Michael Burda (Humbolt University of Berlin)
"On the possibility of sunspots in welfare state economies"


Thursday, March 3
Patrick F�ve (University of Toulouse)                  TIME 15:30                AULA 32
"Technology Shock and Employment: Do We Really Need DSGE Models with a Fall in Hours?" joint with Martial Dupaigne and Julien Matheron

Thursday, March 10
Glenn Rudebusch (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
"The Recent Shift in Term Structure Behavior from a No-Arbitrage Macro-Finance Perspective" joint with Tao Wu (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
Click here for related paper by Glenn Rudebusch and Tao Wu

Thursday, March 17
Zheng Liu (Emory University)
"Gains from International Monetary Policy Coordination: Does it Pay to be Different?" with Evi Pappa (IGIER)

Monday, March 21st    OCCASIONAL SEMINAR
Florin Bilbiie (Nuffield College, University of Oxford, CEP, LSE and EUI)

"Limited Asset Markets Participation, Monetary Policy and (Inverted) Keynesian Logic"
"Limited Asset Market Participation, Aggregate Demand and FED's "Good" Policy During the Great Inflation"

Thursday, March 31
Jean-Pierre Danthine (University of Lausanne)
"The Macroeconomics of Delegated Management" with John Donaldson (Columbia University)


Thursday, April 7 
Daniele Checchi (Universit� Statale di Milano)
"Labour Shares and the Personal Distribution of Income in the OECD" joint with Cecilia G. Penalosa (CNRS and GREQAM)

Thursday, April 14
Jim Alt (Harvard)
"The Political Budget Cycle is Where You Can't See It: Transparency and Fiscal Manipulation" joint with David D. Lassen (University of Copenhagen)

Thursday April 21
Bartosz Mackowiak (Humboldt University)
"Optimal Sticky Prices under Rational Inattention" with Mirko Wiederholt (Humboldt University, Berlin)

Thursday, April 28
Manuel Amador (Stanford, GSB)
"Commitment vs. Flexibility" with Iv�n Werning (MIT, NBER and University of Torcuato di Tella) and George-Marios Angeletos (MIT and NBER)

Friday, April 29 (Milano Labour Lunch Seminar - MILLS)  AULA 11
H�l�ne Turon (University of Bristol)
"The Public Pay Gap in Britain: Small Differences That (Don't?) Matter" joint with Fabien Postel-Vinay


Monday, May 2    OCCASIONAL
Torsten Persson (Stockholm School of Economics)
"Political Competition and Economic Performance: Theory and Evidence from the United States" joint with Tim Besley (LSE) and Daniel Sturm (University of Munich)

Thursday, May 5
Mark Bils (University of Rochester)
"Deducing Price Markups from Stockout Behavior"

Thursday, May 12
Hanno Lustig (UCLA)
"The Cross-Section of Foreign Currency Risk Premia and US Consumption Growth Risk," joint with Adrien Verdelhan.

Thursday, May 19
Marc Giannoni (Columbia Business School)
"DSGE Models in a Data-Rich Environment" joint with Jean Boivin (Columbia Business School)




Monday, June 6            OCCASIONAL SEMINAR
Guido Lorenzoni (MIT)
"Imperfect Information and Consumers' Expectations and Business Cycles"

Thursday, June 9
Fiorella de Fiore (European Central Bank)
"Bank Finance Versus Bond Finance: What Explains the Differences Between US and Europe?" joint with Harald Uhlig (Humboldt University)







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