2011 Articles of IGIER Scholars

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Guido Alfani
, “The famine of the 1590s in Northern Italy. An analysis of the greatest «system shock» of sixteenth century”, Histoire & Mesure, XXVI, 1, pp. 17-49, 2011
Guido Alfani, “Population dynamics, Malthusian crises and Boserupian innovation in pre-industrial societies: the case study of Northern Italy (ca. 1450-1800) in the light of Lee’s «dynamic synthesis»”, Rivista di Politica Economica, pp. 23-59, April-June 2010-2011
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Barbara Rindi (with E. Kandel and L. Bosetti), "The effect of a closing call auction on market quality and trading strategies.", Journal of Financial Intermediation (2011), vol. 17, pp. 895-917


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