IGIER Visiting Faculty, 2011-2012

IGIER welcomes these scholars for short-term visits during the 2011-2012 academic year.


Name Institution From/To
Jacob Goeree University of Zurich September-October
Michelle Goeree University of Zurich September-October
Aldo Rustichini     University of Minnesota October
Oriana Bandiera London School of Economics October
Mark Dincecco IMT Lucca October
Mark Gertler New York University October
Adam Szeidl UC Berkeley and CEU Budapest November
Robert Hall Stanford University December
Alberto Alesina Harvard University January, May, June
Pamela Jakiela University of Maryland March
Zvi Eckstein     IDC and Tel Aviv University March
Nancy Luke Brown University March
Kaivan Munshi     Brown University March
Francesco Caselli London School of Economics April
Silvana Tenreyro London School of Economics April
Ron Siegel Northwestern University May
Stephanie Schmitte-Grohe Columbia University June
Martin Uribe Columbia University June


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