Applied Microeconomics Group

Our research group fosters interactions among IGIER scholars working in development economics, economic history, health economics, industrial organization, labor economics, microeconometrics, and political economics.

Jerome Adda     Alberto Alesina     Guido Alfani     Tito Boeri
Maristella Botticini     Chiara Fumagalli     Vincenzo Galasso     Nicola Gennaioli
Selim Gulesci     Katja Kaufmann     Eliana La Ferrara     Valentino Larcinese
Matthias Messner     Tommaso Nannicini     Nicola Pavoni     Roberto Perotti
Michele Polo     Fabiano Schivardi     Guido Tabellini      Diego Ubfal

What we study

  • conflict, ethnic fractionalization, the role of media, microcredit, human trafficking, land reforms, and policy experiments to evaluate the impact of incentive programs on educational outcomes;
  • Jewish economic history, marriage markets in comparative perspective, the economic consequences of plagues in the medieval and early modern periods;
  • business groups, regulation and antitrust, energy markets, economics of crime, interactions among economic changes and health outcomes;
  • labor markets, immigration in Europe, human capital, tax reforms, pensions and social security systems;
  • the role of politicians, the political economy of the welfare state and structural reforms, social capital and culture, social norms, and political institutions.


Last updated October 24, 2014