529. Cultural Differences and Institutional Integration
by Luigi Guiso, Helios Herrera, Massimo Morelli

IIf citizens of different countries belonging to an economic union adhere to different and deeply rooted cultural norms, when these countries interact their leaders may find it impossible to agree on efficient policies, especially in hard times. Political leaders’ actions are bound to express policies that do not violate these norms. This paper provides a simple positive theory and a compelling case study of the importance of cultural clashes when economies integrate, as well as a normative argument about the desirability of institutional integration. Namely, we argue that a political union, with a common institutions and enforcement of rules, is a solution which is most beneficial the greater is cultural diversity in an economic union.

JEL Classification: D72

Keywords: Cultural Norms, Institutions, Crisis Mismanagement.



Last updated November 5, 2014