2020 VSI Seminar Series

Here below you can find the list of seminars held in the fall semester of 2020. For the spring calendar 2021, please click here.

02 November  Micro-Theory  Jing Ren (VSI)
  "Diffusion of Being Pivotal and Immoral Outcomes" by Armin Falk et alii
03 November Macrofinance  Mohammad Poumohammadi (VSI)
  "Roughness in spot variance? A GMM approach for estimation of fractional log-normalstochastic volatility models using realized measures" by Bolko et alii
 03 November Applied Econ. prof. Eliana La Ferrara
  "The choice of a PhD" 
10 November Macrofinance  prof. Claudio Tebaldi
  "The Price of the Smile and Variance Risk Premia" by Gruber, Peter H. and Tebaldi, Claudio and Trojani, Fabio
11 November Applied Econ. Giovanna Ariel Ventre (VSI)
  "Frugal IV alternatives to identify the parameter for an endogenous regressor" by Ebbes, P., Wedel, M., & Böckenholt, U.
16 November Micro-Theory Manuel Arnese (VSI)
  "Ambiguity and ambiguity Aversion"
17 November Macrofinance Daniele Goffi (VSI)
  "News Shocks in Open Economies: Evidence from Giant Oil Discoveries" by Rabah Arezki, Valerie A. Ramey and Liugang Sheng
23 November  Micro-Theory Prof. Nenad Kos
   "The research on mechanism design"
24 November  Applied Econ. Filippo Monti (VSI)
   "On the origins of gender roles: Women and the plough" by Alesina, A., Giuliano, P., & Nunn N.
27 November  Applied Econ. Filippo Argentieri (VSI)
   "Regression and Casuality"
02 December Applied Econ. Federico Scabbia (VSI)
  "Non-economic factors in violence: Evidence from organized crime, suicides and climate in Mexico." by Baysan, C., Burke, M., González, F., Hsiang, S., & Miguel, E.
 07 December  Micro-Theory August Hepp (VSI)
  "Quadratic Voting"
 08 December  MacroFinance Alexei Verkhovtsev e Sviatoslav Tiupin (VSI)
  "Expected Returns in Tresury Bonds" by Cieslak, A. and Povala P.
14 December Micro-Theory Sahana Subramanyam (VSI)
  "Group Inequality"
15 December MacroFinance Saverio Spinella (VSI)
  "Introducing unemployment in Macro: Search and Match models"
15 December Applied Econ. Alessandro Cauzzi (VSI)
  "Employer consolidation and wages: Evidence from hospitals" by Prager, E., & Schmitt, M.
18 December MacroFinance prof. Tommaso Monacelli
  "Bewley Banks"


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