2002 IGIER Working Papers

226. Daveri F. and Mascotto A.
•  The I.T. Revolution across the U.S. States

225. Marcellino M.
•  Some stylized facts on non-systematic fiscal policy in the Euro area

224. Favero C. and Giavazzi F.
•  Why are Brazil´s Interest Rates so High?

223. Favero C., Marcellino M., and Neglia F.
•  Principal components at work: The empirical analysis of monetary policy with large datasets

222. Daveri F. and Silva O.
•  Not Only Nokia

221. Aiolfi M. and Favero C.
•  Model Uncertainty, Thick Modelling and the Predictability of Stock Returns

220. Cuñat A. and Maffezzoli M.
•  Trade Integration and Growth

219. Maffezzoli M. and Trionfetti F.
•  Approximation Methods: an Application to the Core-Periphery Model

218. Bottazzi L. and Da Rin M.
•  Europe´s ´New´ Stock Markets

217. Bottazzi L. and Manasse P.
•  Asymmetric Information and Monetary Policy in Common Currency Areas

216. Marcellino M.
•  Forecasting EMU macroeconomic variables

215. Bottazzi L. and Peri G.
•  Innovation and Spillovers in Regions: Evidence from European Patent Data

214. Favero C.
•  How do European monetary and fiscal authorities behave?

213. Daveri F.
•  The new economy in Europe (1992-2001)

212. Marcellino M.
•  Forecast pooling for short time series of macroeconomic variables

211. Marcellino M.
•  Instability and non-linearity in the EMU

210. Cunat A. and Maffezzoli M.
•  Heckscher-Ohlin Business Cycles

209. Corielli F. and Marcellino M.
•  Factor Based Index Trading

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