1999 IGIER Working Papers 

161. La Ferrara E.
•  Inequality and Group Participation: Theory and Evidence from Rural Tanzania

160. Marcellino M.
•  Linear Aggregation with Common Trends and Cycles

159. Marcellino M.
•  Model Selection for Non-Linear Dynamic Models

158. Boeri T., Nicoletti G. and Scarpetta S.
•  Regulation and Labour Market Performance

157. Lambertini L. and Peri G.
•  Tax-Driven Specialization and International Integration

156. Peri G.
•  The Dynamics of National Specialization

155. Daveri F. and Maffezzoli M.
•  A numerical approach to fiscal policy, unemployment and growth in Europe

154. Boeri T .
•  Optimal Speed of Transition 10 Years After

153. Bottazzi L. and Peri G.
•  Innovation, Demand and Knowledge Spillovers: Theory and Evidence from European Regions

152. Ciccone A., Peri G. and Almond D.
•  Capital, Wages, and Growth: Theory and Evidence

151. Alesina A. and La Ferrara E.
•  Participation in Heterogeneous Communities

150. Motta M. and Polo M.
•  Leniency Programs and Cartel Prosecution

149. Persson T. and Tabellini G.
•  Political Economics and Public Finance

148. Favero C. A. and Rovelli R.
•  Modeling and identifying central banks´ preferences

147. Bordignon M. and Minelli E.
•  Rules Transparency and Political Accountability

146. Manasse P. and Schultz C.
•  Regional Redistribution and Migration

145. Marcellino M. and Mizon G.E.
•  Modelling shifts in the wage-price and unemployment -inflation relationships in Italy, Poland, and te UK

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