2000 IGIER Working Papers

181. Cuñat A.
•  Sectoral Allocation in the Process of Growth

180. Cuñat A.
•  Can International Trade Equalize Factor Prices?

179. Favero C. A. and Mosca F.
•  Uncertainty on Monetary Policy and the Expectations Model of the Term Structure of Interest Rates

178. Alesina A. and La Ferrara E.
•  Preferences for Redistribution in the Land of Opportunities

177. Boeri T. and Garibaldi P.
•  Shadow Activity and Unemployment in a Depressed Labor Market

176. La Ferrara E. and Marcellino M.
•  TFP, Costs, and Public Infrastructure: An Equivocal Relationship

175. Cuñat A. and Peri G.
•  Job Creation in Italy: Geography, Technology and Infrastructures

174. Benigno P., Giavazzi F. and Missale A.
•  How is the Debt Managed? Learning from Fiscal Stabilizations

173. Arora A., Ceccagnoli M.and Da Rin M.
•  Corporate Restructuring and R&D: A Panel Data Analysis for the Chemical Industry

172. Ciccone A. and Peri G.
•  Human Capital and Externalities in Cities

171. Bottazzi L. and Da Rin M.
•  Euro.NM and the Financing of European Innovative Firms
170. Banerjee A., Marcellino M. and Osbat C.
•  Some Cautions on the Use of Panel Methods for Integrated Series of Macro-Economic Data

169. Falcetti E.and Missale A.
•  Public Debt Indexation and Denomination with an Indipendent Central Bank

168. Daveri F.
•  Is growth an information technology story in Europe too?

167. Maffezzoli M.
•  Non-Walrasian Labor Markets and Real Business Cycles

166. Missale A.
•  Optimal Debt Management with a Stability and Growth Pact

165. Favero C.and Bonfiglioli A.
•  Explaining Co-movements Between Stock Markets: the case of US and Germany

164. Marcellino M.and Jorda O.
•  Stochastic Processes Subject to Time-Scale Transformations: An Application to High-Frequency FX Data

163. Bonaglia F., La Ferrara E., Marcellino M.
•  Public Capital and Economic Performance: Evidence from Italy

162. Tabellini G.
•  Constitutional determinants of government spending

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