1997 IGIER Working Papers

123. Boeri T. and Flinn C.J.
•  Returns to Mobility in the Transition to a Market Economy

122. Daveri F. and Tabellini G.
•  Unemployment, Growth and Taxation in Industrial Countries

121. Persson T. and Tabellini G.
•  Political Economics and Macroeconomic Policy

120. Polo M.
•  The Optimal Prudential Deterrence of Price Fixing Agreement

119. Persson T., Roland G. and Tabellini G.
•  Towards Micropolitical Foundations of Public Finance

118. Missale A., Giavazzi F. and Benigno P.
•  Managing the Public Debt in Fiscal Stabilizations: the Evidence

117. Giavazzi F. and Battaglini M.
•  Should we Trust Banks when They Sit on the Board of Directors?

116. Polo M. and Tedeschi P.
•  Equilibrium and Renegotiation in Delegation Games

115. Motta M. and Polo M.
•  Beyond the Spectrum Constraint: Concentration and Entry in the Broadcasting Industry

114. Persson T., Roland G. and Tabellini G.
•  Comparative Politics and Public Finance

113. Favero C.A., Giavazzi F., Iacone F. and Tabellini G.
•  Extracting Information from Asset Prices: the Methodology of EMU Calculator

112. Adam P.
•  Mobility of Married Women - Non-Parametric Analysis of Labour Force Transitions in Spain

111. Battigalli P.
•  Hierarchies of Conditional Beliefs and Interactive Epistemology in Dynamic Games

110. Bhattacharya S., Fulghieri P. and Rovelli R.
•  Turnpike Banking: only the Meek shall inherit the Hearth

109. Paci R. and Rovelli R.
•  Do Trade and Technology reduce asymmetries? Evidence from manufacturin industries in the EU

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